Jupiter Farms rainy day

We are having another rainy day here in Jupiter Farms. Normally, winter is our driest season of the year, but we have had many rainy days this season.

I'm not sure what is causing so much rain, but we need the rain to bring the level of Lake Okeechobee up for the upcoming hot months. I know the bass fisherman along the Lake will love all the rain. Another plus is that when the water levels get too high, the Water Management District will open the c-18 canal and release water into the Loxahatchee River. When they do this, a lot of small bait fish get washed through the dam and the snook on the downriver side have a feast.

Snook have migrated up into the rive this time of year to seek warmer water and love the easy meal. This is why you will see fisherman picking up special plugs in the fishing shops and Wal-Mart.

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