Jupiter Farms Lifestyle Continued

Before the big box stores came to Jupiter, we had a lot of small stores supplying specialty items. I used to stop in an old-fashioned stationary store and chat with the owners. When Staples and Office Depot came to town, they went out of business. In fact, my boys don't know what a small store like that is like.

There is a small plumbing store that has somehow hung on and they have a sign posted that says, "Bought it at Home Depot? Take it back to them".

But in Jupiter Farms, one small shop thrives.

Jupiter Hardware, located in the Sierra Square Shopping Center is the local, go-to store for Jupiter Farms residents who don't want to drive into Home Depot. They have a little bit of everything, and personalized service that you just don't get in the big stores. You can get it at HD, but you just have to go at the right time. Jupiter Hardware also sells propane and delivers salt for water softeners like we have in the Farms.
I patronize them every chance I get....like today when I bought a replacement filter for my water system.  You can find the post about changing the filter in the blog archives.  I posted it on Thursday.

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