Is consistent sensory stimulation killing the sale of your house? Maybe Wal-Mart can help.

Selling your house? How are you addressing your market position?

Maybe consistent, sensory stimulation is killing the sale.

The human mind is wired to notice change. Every retailer knows this, does your agent?

Recently, the local Wal-Mart underwent a major interior reorganization. Same merchandise, different location. Why… the answer is obvious. You get used to walking through the store and just look right past the items that are always in the same place. So, knowing this, the store rearranges everything periodically to draw your attention to the merchandise. OK, so how does this apply if you are trying to sell your house?

Could the simple choice of words make a difference in how your home is perceived? You bet!
But, the most common thing agents do is reuse the same words everyone else uses. Need an example?

Look through the ads. How many ads use the words, stunning, spectacular, spacious, lush landscaping and I could go on. But the point is synonyms are easy to come by. Might it improve your position just a little to find some different words to use? Maybe. Wal-Mart thinks they can sell more shirts just by moving them to the other side of the aisle. That’s only a slight re-positioning but it usually only takes a 1% improvement to sell your house.

Another thought. If your home is being advertised by an agent who places an ad in the same place every week, you might try moving it to another place in the newspaper. Or course, around 85% of buyers start their search on the Internet so reread my piece on my HOME page about IDX positioning. The newspaper is where agents advertise themselves using your home as ad filler.  With all the information available on the Internet and all the great, color pictures, do you think a 1" X 1", B&W picture is going to sell it?

I can’t guarantee that either of these things will make a difference. But if you go over to my PAST SALES page you will see that it really does only take a 1% improvement to get your house sold.

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