Landscaping in Tequesta

There is landscaping going on in the median of Alternate A1A just where it meets Old Dixie Highway in Tequesta.

Yesterday, I passed this operation where our native Sabal Palm was being installed in the median.  These palms transplant very easily and about 20 years ago they found out that the mortality rate for transplanted palms was lower when all the fronds were removed rather than leaving a few as was the standard.  This was discovered in Tampa when tried on a massive Interstate landscaping project.

Elsewhere in Tequesta I found a new planting of ornamental Crown of Thorns (see below).  These plants are in the same family as poinsettias.

Landscape plants come in and out of fashion just like everything else.  About 15 years ago, it became  fashionable to install some red plant next to variegated arbicola (seen below).  There are many varieties of this plant, each with its own name and different color pattern, but the concept is the same.

When planted side by side it looks like this.

Does Tequesta look like a great place to live in February?  You bet it is!!
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