Pill mills, Jupiter puts a moratorium on pain clinics

The latest scourge to surface are the pain management clinics that dispense seemingly endless supplies of habit forming drugs.  Now, joining other municipalities, Jupiter has put a moratorium on them.

A moratorium on new pain clinics that dispense powerful prescription drugs such as OxyContin received tentative approval by the town council.  If passed on final reading on March 2, new applications or approval of new clinics could not be approved until the town adopts new regulations on pain clinics.

There are about 10 pain clinics in Jupiter. The clinics, which will remain open, have not been a problem, said Police Chief Frank Kitzerow.  "We want to be proactive. We want to have regulations in place so we can enforce compliance," said Kitzerow.

Officials charge unscrupulous clinics illegally dispense the powerful drugs to patients who sell them on the street. Pain clinic supporters say a few dishonest clinics are tainting the entire industry. 

Rush Limbaugh, a noted Palm Beach resident,  got addicted to these pain killers and had to go to rehab to get off them.  So you can see the Town Council is working to protect the quality of life we have here in Jupiter.

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North Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach and Palm Beach County have approved restrictions on pain clinics. Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Worth and Riviera Beach are all this week considering bans on the clinics.