Nice little sharkey

The tragedy of the shark attack this week in Stuart was certainly heartbreaking and there is always a lot of commentary on sharks.  We seem to have an endless fascination with them.

Look at this picture, nice little sharkey.  Looks like a little lap-shark who would just love to curl up with you!

This is an incredibly big Tiger shark, named for the patterns on his skin.  A shark this big could make hamburger of a human so fast it's not even funny.

OK, why worry about some Tiger sharks?  Let's really push the envelope.  Maybe a Great White?

What a spectacular animal!!  If you have never seen a live shark, you are missing a thing of beauty and grace.  They prowl so effortlessly, much like their cousins the ray family.  That's sting-ray, not Billy-Ray.  There is no way to get around the fact that swimming with sharks like this is foolhardy.  I could show you pictures of people standing under trees during lightning storms and surviving, but that doesn't mean its a good idea.  Shark attacks are much more rare than lightning strikes or winning the lottery, but they are a one-way street.  Final score:  SHARK 1, HUMAN 0

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