Filling in the gaps, replanting my Jupiter Farms garden

Today, I did something I've been meaning to do since we starting harvesting the garden and the frost came.  I replanted in the gaps.  Even in the Bible, there is a verse about standing in the gap.

As I have posted before, having a garden is a learning experience and each one or year is different that is of course unless you are growing corn in the midwest according to a formula.  This year mustard greens and collards took center stage along with peppers.  We had such good luck with peppers last year I saved all my seeds and replanted this year.  But, sometimes certain things just fail to germinate.

My friend Jack, of the Rhode Island Red post fame, had bad luck with germination so he called the seed company and got more seeds.

Anyway, as you can see from these pictures, some areas fail to have plants in them now or we have harvested all the plants out of there.  So, time to plant more!  (By the way the two trunks in the above photos are papaya trees with fruit on them).

My family disagrees with my theory of filling in the gaps.  They think a garden has to be in nice, straight rows.  Poppycock.  Using my theory of crop rotation, we get substantially more yield and continuous plants with veggies.

Here's another shot of the garden showing the gap I am filling.  I had some little lettuce coming up, but I think the squirrels liked it too.  Look at the picture below to see what they did to my yellow tomato.

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