Jupiter Florida, stormy day at the beach

Jupiter Florida has some of the finest real estate and beaches in the country.  One of our most popular beaches is Jupiter Beach Park which extends south from the Inlet until the beach reaches Ocean Trail condos.  The Park is a favorite with families during the summer and surfers whenever the wind comes from the northeast since the south jetties block the wind but the waves come on in and are great for surfing.

Jupiter real estate near the beach includes Ocean Trail condos and The Estuary.  Both give you the best of the coastal lifestyle.

When the weather is stormy like it was today, the lifeguards put up the double red flags meaning that techically the beach is closed, but really it means swim at your own risk.  Here's a video I shot you might like.

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Jupiter Florida, 2010 Market Summary

I have just emailed my 2010 Real Estate Market Summary

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Juno Beach Pier HDR photo

The Juno Beach Pier is one of our local attractions.  Fishing is reported to be very good right now for Spanish Mackerel and an occasional Cobia.  The Juno Beach Pier is also popular with surfers and photographers.  Take a look at this shot.

This shot was taken by a local photographer whose work I follow on the web.  You can see all of his work at http://captainkimo.com/.

Juno Beach is a very small, seaside town located just south of Jupiter and north or North Palm Beach.  The main attraction here is that the condos are right on the ocean unlike Jupiter where they sit across the Beach Road from the sand.  There are also some homes that are priced in the millions. 

I can show you all Juno Beach real estate listed for sale by all brokers and unlike many Realtors, I have lived here 21 years and can show you the best values and locations.  You can contact me at rsites@bellsouth.net or on Skpe at rsites.  Text?  561-762-4073.  Or you can search for a home yourself at www.CoastalFlrealestate.com.

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Jupiter Beach to Juno Beach, oceanfront condos

Jupiter Beach oceanfront condos are limited to Ocean Trail, just south of the Jupiter Inlet.  The County owned this small tract of land and allowed the development right on the beach.  Jupiter doesn't allow it.  Heading south along the coast, all condos are across the street from the beach.  There are also a couple of single family home communities and they are across the street too.

Beach Road looking south
Along this stretch you will find rollerbladers and kite boarders, bicyclists and joggers and people walking dogs.  This is a beautiful section of the coast and the wind is always blowing off the ocean and through the coconut palms.

Continuing south you will eventually come to the oceanfront condos in Juno Beach.  These are the only condos right on the ocean between Jupiter and Singer Island.

Juno Beach condos

All price points are available from 2/2 units built in the 1970's to luxury units with over 2,500 square feet.  No matter which you choose, you would want to live in one of these only if you love the beach!  That's love with a capital "L".  The Juno Beach residents who live here can be found walking the beach at dawn or in the evening with a glass of wine.

The famous Juno Beach Pier is here and is a hit with fisherman all year long.  Right now, they are catching Spanish Mackerel.

Juno Beach Pier

Juno Beach is conveniently located near the shopping and dining of Palm Beach Gardens and many luxurious country clubs like Frenchman's Creek.  Frenchman's Creek has it's luxurious Beach Club here in Juno.

So if you are considering an oceanfront condo Singer Island is not your only choice.  Think JUNO!  I can show you all Juno Beach condos for sale listed by all brokers and unlike many Realtors I have lived here 21 years and can show you the best values and locations.  Contact me, Richard Sites, at rsites@bellsouth.net or on Skype at rsites.  You can text me too at 561-762-4073.  Or you can search for a home yourself at www.CoastalFlrealestate.com.

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Jupiter Beach, more sand on the way

Jupiter Beach, along with the entire coastal region, suffers from loss of beach sand due to long shore current or drift.  In reality, this sand just moves in and out offshore, and along the beach never really going anywhere permanently.

Tidal action here has been going on as long as there have been oceans.

The standard method of replenishment is to truck sand in or pump it up on shore.  At the Jupiter Beach Park, they use sand collected in the Jupiter Inlet.  In an area known as "The Bathtub", sand is collected during the year by the natural movement.  Then each year a replenishment project gets underway, sand is pumped out and onto the beach and our most famous gamefish the "Snook" move in and congregate there.  When the water is clear, you can see them on the bottom by the hundreds.  Hopefully, the winter storms have passed that will remove the freshly pumped sand back to the ocean in a matter or days.

So the sand is collected and then piped out onto the beach where it is deposited.  A lot of interesting shells get pumped out too.  The pipes extend from the Inlet to the needed area as seen below.

Then, earth moving equipment is brought in to move the dirt around.  It's really just one big sandbox with grown up "little boys" having a blast.

This fills out the beach until this time next year when the whole process starts all over again.  With public funds running a little low, or rather extremely low, its questionable how much longer this can go on.  The condos you see in the background of the top picture may chip in the $ 3,000,000 needed to replenish their own beach since waves are lapping the shore closer than the residents like.

Nevertheless, Jupiter is the greatest place to live.  You can see all Jupiter homes for sale on my website at Coastal Florida Real Estate.

Madoff victims to get $7 billion gift

Palm Beach Gardens north to Jupiter and Jupiter Island has long been known for the big money of its residents. You can see it everywhere from the exotic sports cars to sport fishing boats that can cost millions and the luxury country clubs. The estate of an Admirals Cove resident recently made a gift of $ 10 million dollars to the Jupiter Medical Center. This is the largest single gift ever. His son lives in a waterfront estate where the tax bill alone is $ 50,000 per year.

Now, with Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Alan Jackson moving into the area, we are getting big, celebrity money. But the big money, the really big money is on the island of Palm Beach. The mega- yachts moored there run well over 150 ft. and come from all over the world. And you often hear foreign languages being spoken when on the Island.

But, the big money, the really big money on Palm Beach lives along Ocean Boulevard. Donald Trump has his Mar-a-Lago club there, John Lennon owned a home there, Rod Stewart lives around the corner and Rush Limbaugh has his compound on the north end. The house Trump sold for $ 85 million was on Ocean Boulevard too. When you visit the Island, you must take this drive and continue south through Manalapan where enormous oceanfront estates await you.

So when it was announced that the estate of one of Bernie Madoff’s victims, Jeff Picower, was giving $ 7 BILLION to help other Madoff victims it came as no surprise that he lived on Ocean Boulevard. The tax bill on his 18,000 square foot, $24 million dollar, home is over $ 200,000 per year. He passed away in 2009 from accidental causes.

It's a gesture like this that restores your faith in humanity. Picower's wife said he would have wanted it this way.

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Jupiter Yacht Club condos on the Intracoastal Waterway

Jupiter Yacht Club is a premier waterfront development of retail shops, restaurants and luxury condominiums. The condos for sale in Jupiter Yacht Club offer spacious views since they go completely through the building so you have eastern and western views. They also offer granite or other fine stone counters and marble floors. Kitchens have stainless steel appliances. Outside you will find a putting green, covered parking and a pool. All the buildings share a media room with luxurious seating and fitness room.

Waterfront views

Condos for sale in Jupiter Yacht Club sit among some of the top real estate in Jupiter. To the west you find Admirals Cove and Jonathan's Landing.

Admirals Cove Yachts

To the north you find the waterfront estates of Jupiter Island.

And to the south you find communities like Frenchman's Creek and The Bear's Club.

If you are looking at Jupiter condos for sale, you might want to take a look at the condos in Jupiter Yacht Club.    I can show you all the condos listed for sale by all brokers and unlike many Realtors, I have lived here 21 years and can show you the best values and locations.  You can contact me, Richard Sites, by email at rsites@bellsouth.net or on Skype at rsites.  Phone or text me at 561-762-4073.  Or you can search for a home yourself at www.CoastalFlrealestate.com.

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Jupiter Farms, Riverbend Park gets new signs

Remember the song from the 1970's, "Signs, signs everywhere signs"?  Well, new signs are springing up all over Jupiter.  I just posted on the new signs at the Jonathan's Landing Country Club and today I see new signs have been installed at Riverbend Park in Jupiter Farms.
Jupiter Farms is a dedicated equestrian area west of the Town of Jupiter where home sites are one acre or more and homes sell from the mid-$ 100's to several million.  Between Town and the Farms, Riverbend Park is a County Park of nearly 1,000 acres where the Loxahatchee River starts.

You can canoe or kayak, bike or hike and once each month the Park holds a Full Moon Bike Ride.  By the bright light of the full moon you can bike along shell rock paths and finish up at a bonfire.

You can see all homes for sale in Jupiter Farms by visiting Coastal Florida Real Estate.
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Jonathan's Landing new signs almost complete

Jonathan's Landing, one of Jupiter's oldest and most unique clubs, has been upgrading it's facilities to keep pace with the other clubs in the area.  JL is one of only two clubs where membership in the club is not mandatory.  The other is PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens.

Last year, JL upgraded its main clubhouse in town, completely renovated and upgraded its tennis, fitness and spa facility and so some new signage was in order.  The old ones didn't command the attention of the big entrances at the other clubs.  So, the new signs are coming right along.  All they need now is some landscaping.

Homes for sale in Jonathan's Landing range from two bedroom condos to waterfront estates on the Intracoastal.  The club is also laced with many waterways so the resident considering keeping a boat would certainly want to consider the homes for sale in Jonathan's Landing.

You can see all the homes for sale in JL or any other Jupiter, Tequesta or Palm Beach Gardens community (for that matter anywhere from Port St. Lucie to Homestead) on my website by visiting http://www.coastalflrealestate.com or for personal service call me at 561-762-4073.