Palm Beach Foreclosure auction avalanche

Here in Palm Beach county, the avalanche of foreclosures is forcing the Palm Beach County Comptroller and Clerk to go to an online auction system.  With 27,558 foreclosure cases already this year, 2009 – more than eight times the amount seen in all of 2004 – court officials hope a new eBay-like system to handle home sales will streamline the process and free employees buried in foreclosure paperwork.

The online auctions will begin in January, ending the decades old “public out-cry” system. 
In Palm Beach County, more than 45,000 pending foreclosure cases are in the system, with an average of 2,500 new cases being filed each month. Wait a minute, that’s more than 80 per day.

Several counties, including Miami-Dade, Lee, and Charlotte, have begun using online auctions to cover the foreclosure sales. Neither Martin or St. Lucie counties currently conduct online auctions.

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