Loggerhead Marina: 125 foot yacht

Recently, I stopped by the new Loggerhead Marina on Donald Ross Road in Palm Beach Gardens.

The new owners have come up with a great business plan to consolidate many of the small marinas around into a brand .  The Loggerhead Turtle is the symbol.

On the other side of the marina I spotted a beautiful yacht and walked over to have a look.  There was a crew member cleaning it and he told me it was 125 feet in length.

Never one to pass up a beauty like this one, I shot a few pictures.  How about the picture below, is that some shine on the hull or what?

Here's yours truly looking back at you.

Does this look like a great place to live?  YOU BET IT IS ! 

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Dogs of Jupiter Beach


I just got this in my Inbox and thought you would love to see it.  It's a portrait gallery of the Dogs of Jupiter Beach.  Take a look.



Jupiter Farms, new chicks just arrived at Town & Country Feed

I just came from Town & Country Feed here in Jupiter Farms where I was picking up supplies (I learned this phrase from watching Rawhide with Clint Eastwood).

They were unloading a shipment of 1 day old chicks of these types:

Sicilian Buttercup
White Rock
Golden Sexlink
Silver Lace Wyandotte

Sorry no pics, just look them up on Google Images!

If you have been considering getting into the backyard chicken game, today is the perfect day.  Stop in and they will get you all the supplies you need.  Fresh eggs this fall!!

Coconut palms in Jupiter, Florida

The post I made on the palms of Jupiter and Jupiter Island created so much interest, I had to follow up.

Loxahatchee River Clean Up May 22

Hop in a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard and help clean up the Loxahatchee River! The River Center and Loxahatchee River District, in conjunction with Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful, are hosting a River Cleanup on Saturday, May 22nd from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. This fun family event is being held in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Loxahatchee River’s National Wild and Scenic designation and as part of the Great American Cleanup.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to take kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards onto the river, or walk along the banks to clean the Loxahatchee River’s shores and waterways. Over forty canoes and kayaks have been donated to the cleanup by Canoe Outfitters of Florida, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Jupiter Kayak Tours, and Jupiter Outdoor Center and volunteers are welcome to use their own boats as well.

The River Cleanup will be held at four different locations throughout Jupiter. Volunteers will meet and launch from Riverbend Park, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Coral Cove Park West, and Burt Reynolds Park. Everyone is encouraged to volunteer for the cleanup and volunteers will receive a 10% off River Center Gift Shop coupon and a Great American Cleanup t-shirt, while supplies last.

Water, pick-up tools, garbage disposal bags, watercrafts, and life vests will be provided at each location, and volunteers are welcome to bring their own as well. Volunteers ages 16 to 18 will need a signed parent consent form to participate and volunteers ages 15 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

All volunteers are encouraged to pre-register for the River Cleanup, although on-site registration will be available. Pre-registration packets are available for pick up at the River Center or through email at RiverCenter@Loxahatcheeriver.org.

The River Center is a program of the Loxahatchee River District. The River Center is a fun family destination that features nine aquariums, interactive exhibits, and a touch tank. The River Center is located in Burt Reynolds Park at 805 N US Highway 1 in Jupiter. For more information on this and other River Center events or for directions please call (561) 743-7123 or visit our website at http://www.loxahatcheeriver.org/.
I will be kayaking out in Riverbend Park since I live in Jupiter Farms.  This is a great chance to get out and help protect the Lox.  It is a Federally Designated Wild & Scenic River.  And check out my videos on Riverbend Park on my You Tube Channel then send to your friends.

Another dead coconut palm

Several months ago, I published a blog post on the damage done to the coconut palms in this area and on Jupiter Island.  Some of the tallest and most beautiful trees were severely damaged but I was sure they would come back.  However, I was wrong.  Many graceful palms were killed like the one above which has since been removed.  (I know its not a great picture but it was taken in a hurry).  Coconuts always remind people of our beautiful, Coastal Florida lifestyle and anytime we lose one, it's a big loss.

I grew up in Miami where the skyline was punctuated with towering palms, mostly of the variety Jamaica Tall.  When the Lethal Yellowing scourge hit, it killed all the trees and changed the skyline forever.  Many new varieties such as Golden Malayans were planted, but they lack the towering stature of the older palms.  And palms grow slowly so these trees will not likely be replaced in our lifetime.

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What is that vine with white flowers right now?

This picture was taken in Jupiter Farms where I thought the light was good to capture Confederate Jasmine, which is in bloom right now.  Although technically not a vine, since it does not have tendrils, it is a climbing shrub.  It is often used near doorways since it is easy to grow, relatively pest free and in late spring into early summer is especially fragrant.

Confederate Jasmine is easy to spot this time of year with its profuse flowers.  If you need and easy to grow shrub with a great fragrance, give it a try.

Dubois Park in Jupiter gets new grass plantings

Dubois Park on the Jupiter Inlet has always been a favorite with families in this area.  Not only is there a beach right on the Jupiter Inlet, but the water winds into a lagoon that at one time was the original Jupiter Inlet.  The current inlet was dredged in 1926.

The park lies on the south side of the Inlet across from Jupiter Inlet Colony and Jupiter Island.

The County has been improving the facility with new trees, lifeguard stands and the like.  One addition is new grass plantings.

Sometimes the traffic pulls the new plantings out of the ground like this one below.

With the lighthouse in the distance and warm, clear water it's easy to see why this park is so popular.

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What a difference some chicks make

Living in the western community of Jupiter Farms, I am not hindered by Homeowner Association rules that say what kind, how many and what size animals I can have.  We also have lots of resident wildlife some of which want to share my food.  Here's a Jupiter Farms squirrel I met in the backyard Squirrel.  One other squirrel that hangs around with a bite out of his/her ear we have named Nip.

And I like animals....so I have a few.  Most of the standard domestic ones came from Safe Harbor Animal Shelter which is Jupiter's No-Kill facility.  If you don't know about them, click the link above.  You can also see a video at My You Tube Channel.

Anyway, we also have backyard chickens, a feature that is not overlooked by the local predators.  So like everyone with chickens the battle goes on to protect them.  I have been losing.

For a variety of reasons, my flock has dwindled from 13 down to 4 and we thought it was time to pump up the volume.  So, yesterday we contacted another Jupiter Farms resident I found on craigslist and we went over and selected 5 new ones.

We wanted birds that were slightly older, almost ready to lay, since the older ones will pick on the young ones if they are too small.  You've heard no doubt of pecking order.

We selected 2 black birds who must be from the same nest since they are identical and stick very close together.  We selected 2 barred rocks for the patterns on their feathers.  And one slightly larger Rhode Island Red since we already have one.  We brought them home in a large, dog carrier and introduced them to our current residents.

We you bring new birds home, you immediately get a Home Team vs. Visitors mentality.  Often they will not meld for weeks.  Once when I brought home 7 birds, they stayed separated for about 2 months.  That was in the good old days when they roamed the yard freely.  Since the attacks started the free range activity has been practically eliminated.

We named the two small, black ones Zip & Zap, the 2 barred rocks Ginger and Mary Anne and the RIR, Copper.  They have already filled in the gaps created when we lost the last ones.

The best therapy when a pet dies is to get another...and quickly.

Oleanders come in pink too!

I showed you some white oleanders the other day, but take a look at these pink ones I found in Jupiter Inlet Colony, where Olivia Newton-John lives.
Oleanders are really a hot, dry climate plant and are native to Algeria.  But given lots of fertilizer, water and some hard pruning they can really become spectacular.

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Hawaiian Ti brings fabulous color to small spaces in Mirasol

One of our most colorful and easy to grow plants is the Hawaiian Ti also known as Red Dracaena.  Technically, the plant is Cordyline Terminalis, part of the very large Liliaceae family.

In sub-tropical South Florida Hawaiian Ti makes a great plant for that tight space near the house.

They are also widely sold as interior plants since they are easy to grow and have a tolerance for very low light conditions.
These pictures were taken at a home in Mirasol Country Club.  Isn't the color great?

Mirasol is only one of the many country clubs in this area like BallenIsles, Old Palm or Admirals Cove.  To see any home for sale in Palm Beach Gardens or Jupiter, contact me at rsites@bellsouth.net or by phone at 561-762-4073.  Unlike many agents I have lived here 21 years and can show you the best values and locations.  Want to search for a home yourself?  Then go to Coastal Florida Real Estate where all listed homes are available.
Richard Sites, Realtor

Historic Port Salerno near Jupiter Island and Stuart

Just south of Stuart and north of Hobe Sound and Jupiter Island is the historic fishing village of Port Salerno.  Normally, it's just a sleepy fishing community but it is close to the fabulous fishing just offshore and you access this through the St. Lucie Inlet.

When Tiger Woods bought his wife a little $ 2,000,000 runabout as a "make up gift", it was reported to be moored here.  So, while in the area, my wife and I stopped in.

I've posted the pictures in a Picasa online album and you can visit by clicking this link.  Be sure to send to your friends, they have probably never been to Port Salerno.  Okey, I know I got a little carried away taking pictures of the pelicans, but it was fabulous.

Port Salerno is between Hobe Sound and Stuart and is a fishing village that has access to the ocean through the St. Lucie Inlet on the north end of Jupiter Island.   It is also just a few miles from Tequesta.

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Jupiter Beach on Picasa

Last March, I took an afternoon trip over to Jupiter Beach with my dog, Buddy.  It was a great day and I posted the pictures online in my Picasa albums.  Click this link to view the pictures and be sure to send along to your friends who may be interested.

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Value of the Open House

If you are one of the approximately 1,600 people trying to sell in the Jupiter/Tequesta area you should read this:

This just in from Florida Realtors:

While 46 percent of homebuyers include open houses in their home searches, only 12 percent last year found the residence they eventually purchased through an open house or yard sign, according to the National Association of Realtors®.

There are Realtors on both sides of the debate concerning the value of open houses. Some host them to keep their options open, while others hold them to obtain new buyer clients or to attract shoppers who don't have computers at home.

Realtors who do not believe open houses are valuable say sellers don't like neighbors traipsing through the property, and that serious buyers prefer to view a home with their agent when other prospective buyers are not around. They point out that open houses account for few of their closed transactions.

However, most agents emphasize the importance of viewing a home in person – whether at an open house or private showing – because virtual tours do not showcase all of the home's features and can conceal flaws in the design as well as any defects.

They shouldn't have included the yard sign data with the open house data. Still the total is only 12%. I have posted before and still maintain that Open Houses serve as a method for agents to find buying clients, not to sell your house. And remember, I sold a home during an open house for $ 692,000 and I would still say they do not increase your value proposition.

Open houses were conceived decades ago before the Internet, Virtual Tours, You Tube, Google Earth and the like. It's time to let them die the quiet death they deserve, unless you are an agent looking for buyers.

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Jupiter Island Condos and Jupiter Inlet Colony

Jupiter Island is making the news these days due to the high profile celebrities now calling it home.  But it has been a quiet and beautiful spot on the Atlantic for decades.

On the southern tip and some condos and Jupiter Inlet Colony.  I put this video together for you to enjoy.
If you are looking for a condo on the ocean or know someone who is, go to my website at: http://www.coastalflrealestate.com

Jupiter Farms: Big fire west of town.

We have a big fire burning in the Pal-Mar area west of Jupiter Farms.  I just took these pictures.

Turns out to be west of me, but looking down my street, all I can see is smoke.

Jupiter Farms Publix: Now that's a generator!

For years, we went without any serious hurricanes although several threatened.  When Floyd was approaching, we evacuated along with hundreds of thousands of others but when the storm failed to make landfall, we instead spent our time vacationing on Siesta Key.

In 2004, when hurricanes Frances and Jean struck this area 3 weeks apart, we discovered how dependent we are on electricty.  Gas stations were open, but couldn't pump without electricity.  So the few that had gas were swamped.

And grocery stores had mountains of food spoil for the same reason.  When I was a kid in Miami, this time was really cool because the stores gave away ice cream.  In the early days of the convenience store battles, there were little stores all over.  The one near my house was called "U-Tot-Em" and like everything else in those days, it was not air-conditioned.  But back to the story.

I think the State of Florida legislated that gas stations had to install generators so this would never happen again.  Anyway, Publix installed generators like the one below to keep from losing their inventory.

Now, that's a generator!

These pictures were taken behind the Publix in Jupiter Farms.  So you can be sure the next time the power goes out, you can still buy groceries.  You just may have to walk to the store.

Jupiter Farms: A dedicated equestrian area

I have lived in Jupiter Farms for about 10 years.  Part of the reason I like it out here is that this is a Dedicated Equestrian Area.  Signs say so when you enter the Farms.

DEA means you have to give way and not spook the horses when you come upon people riding them.  I see people on horseback nearly every day and this morning while coming back from a meeting at Jupiter Christian School I came up this guy on my street.

Hey, call me old fashioned, but I like seeing this!

When you drive down a dirt street, this is what it looks like when a horse has passed by.

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Oleanders in bloom

Right now, one of our most colorful, blooming shrubs is the oleander.  They come in several colors including hot pink, white and light pink.  The one below was shot in Mirasol Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens.

It is native to a broad area from Morocco and Portugal eastward through the Mediterranean region and southern Asia to Yunnan in southern parts of China.  Over 400 cultivars have been named, with several additional flower colours not found in wild plants having been selected, including red, purple, pink and orange; white and a variety of pinks are the most common.  It is commonly used in landscaping freeway medians in California and other mild-winter states in the Continental United States because it is easily maintained.

Oleander is one of the most poisonous plants in the world and contains numerous toxic compounds, many of which can be deadly to people, especially young children.  In spite of this toxicity it makes a great addition to your Coastal Florida landscape.

Stick around for more on the plants in bloom right now.  We seem to be having a profuse spring, maybe because we had the coldest winter in 30 years.  Send this along to anyone you think may find it interesting.

Tiering to give your landscape that "look"

My friend Dave was asking me about some landscape tips since I have an extensive knowledge of horticulture, sub-tropical flora and landscape maintenance.  One of the most overlooked yet most easily applied techniques is that of "tiering".
The shot above was taken at the entrance to The Club at Mirasol in Palm Beach Gardens.

Look how the plantings are trimmed so there are 4 levels.

You can achieve this same look by pruning your shrubs right now before they start their summer growth.  Another little feature here is the serpentine bed line with flowers in front of the pedestal.  They do a great job with the landscape maintenance at Mirasol Country Club but you can do it too...if you know how!

Take a look at my videos on the Coastal Florida Lifestyle at www.youtube.com/richardsites.
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Now that's a big turtle!

I came across this harmless turtle on the Sunrise course at Mirasol Country Club.  He was heading away from the water, so I took him back.
I left my foot in the picture for scale.

He thanked my by peeing on my foot as I carried him back to the water.
Oh well!  Life is great here in Coastal Florida.  Send along to your friends.

Jupiter Lighthouse, sorry no pic, but celebrating 150 years

Our iconic brick red beauty celebrates its 150th anniversary this year and is in great shape for its age. With project funding in the wings, the lighthouse will get a new paint job on the inside to make sure that the tower holds up another 150 years for our posterity.

The museum’s new exhibit "Five Thousand Years on the Loxahatchee" gives visitors a glimpse of what it took to erect a Lighthouse in the wilderness along the eastern most point of Florida’s shore. Weather, insects, disease and wars all had their impact on the construction and operation of the Jupiter Light but none could permanently extinguish the beacon or the brave pioneering spirit of the Lighthouse Keepers and their families. With a supply delivery every few months or less residents of the Jupiter Inlet had to become self-sufficient and learn to thrive by ingenuity. Using the materials supplied to them as well as items from ship wrecks and repurposing the natural resources on hand, they brilliantly forged the beginnings of the community we enjoy today.

The Loxahatchee River Historical Society considers it an honor to be caretakers and educators of the 150 year-old Jupiter Light and our remarkable maritime history. The recently opened Tindall Pioneer Homestead exhibit put the icing on the historic cake. Special anniversary events, such as the May 29 dinner-dance, Memorial Day Salute to the Armed Services, can be found at www.jupiterlighthouse.org. Discover the many ways you can join in the sesquicentennial celebration of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse!

I worked as a docent giving Lighthouse tours for awhile and had the greatest spot of all.  Most of the tour guides did not want to climb the stairs so I stayed at the top for hours at a time.  The view is spectacular!  If you haven't made the trip to the top yet, GO, and try to go at high tide when the water will be clear.

Sorry there is not picture here, but check out www.CoastalFloridaRealEstate.net and my You Tube Channel www.youtube.com/richardsites.  And send to your friends.

Change in water use restrictions

I stand corrected. 

This past winter when we had so much rain, I wondered if the Water Management people would do their annual water restriction update claiming, as usual, there is not enough water.  But, they have changed the water use restrictions in favor or more frequent watering.

Watering is now permitted three days per week, instead of two days per week. Customers with odd addresses may irrigate their property on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday before 10:00 am or after 4:00 pm. Customers with even addresses may irrigate their property on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday before 10:00 am or after 4:00 pm.

Low volume hand watering is exempt from these restrictions as long as the hose has a self-cancelling nozzle attached to it.

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220 new jobs coming to Jupiter

Palm Beach Health Partners is planning to open The Institute for Aging Life Science and Research in Jupiter.

The organization plans to create 220 new jobs with salaries that will average $46,000. The institute will be built at Abacoa near Scripps Florida and will collaborate with Scripps scientists for clinical research on the cause and prevention of Alzheimer's disease and neurological and age related conditions.

The $62 million project will be one of three owned and operated by Palm Health Partners. The site was chosen because of its location near Scripps Florida and Florida Atlantic University.

Jupiter is a great place to live.  Check out http://www.coastalfloridarealestate.net/ and www.youtube.com/richardsites for the latest on Jupiter and send along to your friends.