Sea Turtle release into the ocean this Thursday

Juno Beach is home to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center where sea turtles are rehabilitated and returned to the wild.  Each release is a big event with hundreds of people showing up.  The next one is scheduled for this Thursday and they are sending Haymitch back to the wild.  This copy is from their Facebook post:

Haymitch, a sub adult loggerhead, was originally found at FPL's St. Lucie power plant intake canal. The turtle was covered in barnacles, lethargic, and underweight. After four months of rehabilitation at LMC, we are proud to announce that he is cleared for release. Share this with your friends & family and help us cheer Haymitch on for the journey back home!

If you can't make it, you will be able to see it on my You Tube Channel.

This is a great place to live!  Come join us here along the coast.
You can contact me, Richard Sites at 561-762-4073 or by email.  I'll show you the best locations and all homes listed for sale that might meet you needs.

Buying? Is the Internet your best choice?

Several years ago when the Internet was "introduced" real estate agents began to migrate to websites to display their listings and comb the web for buyers.  In fact, there is now every conceivable opportunity to look at homes on the web, now called Web 2.0.  But here is my challenge:  Are you really any better off?

In the "old days" real estate listings were published in a book each week and buyers had to pour over pages for small print to find possible houses.

Then the Internet allowed us all to see things quickly and easily anytime, anywhere.  But consider what it has also brought us:  clutter!

How has email made things simpler?  Does your Inbox have too much stuff each day?  Do you spend some time every day adding people to your blocked senders list and deleting things?  Of course you do.  Email has now suffered the same fate snail mail did, that is "junk mail".  In fact your first task when going to your mailbox is to stop at your recycling and throw most of the stuff out.

How about your home phone...if you still have one?  Many people don't even answer the phone any more since it is plagued by robo-calls that are not policed by the DNC list.  They just let the phone go to the answering machine (if they still have one) and sort out what messages they want to hear at a later time.

So based on these two things, why would a buyer prowl the Internet signing up on every website only to have the results be lots of information they don't want?  All the information comes from the same MLS database.  IT IS ALL THE SAME INFORMATION.

Every website, whether it be personal, corporate,,, Zillow, Trulia and on and on...are all providing the same information.  The ONLY difference is the display format and some companies are spending a fortune to try and display it attractively.  So what do I suggest?  Stop searching for houses and instead search for an agent.

A great agent has tools and software that are better than anything offered on the web.  A great agent knows the market, both geographically and financially.  A great agent knows how to communicate and I don't mean tweeting.

Now here is the really crazy idea:  If you are really serious about buying, how about calling someone?  I know this is a radical idea but you can test their effective with a simple call.  If you don't get a return call within say an hour or two, just move on to another agent.  Hey, getting an automated email response to signing on to a website telling you how important you are is not communication.

Just have a real, old-fashioned phone conversation with someone and see what you think.  Every agent would rather have a conversation with a truthful buyer than waste time chasing Internet leads around or calling them every day.  So tell the agent exactly where you stand in terms of your purchase.  Then let them send you appropriate listings.  The irony is that you may not be able to reach someone, even though everyone has a phone everywhere.  So if you can't reach them on the phone you can cull them off your list.

Let's face it, given a chance everyone pushes the "0" button to speak with a Customer Service Representative so do the same when looking for a home.

OK, give me a test.  Looking for a home in this area?  Call me, Richard Sites, at 561-762-4073, and see how I do.  I have lived in Jupiter for 22 years, I know the area and I know how to answer my phone.  And as the commercials say, "No salesman will call".

Jonathan's Landing, want to save $55,000?

Jonathan's Landing is a Jupiter, waterfront club located in the heart of town and about a mile from the ocean.  Although the Club features 3 golf courses, tennis, fitness and both salt and fresh water homes and estates, membership in the Club is optional.  This is generally not the case at country clubs with on-campus residences like Admirals Cove and Frenchman's Creek.

Looking for a great opportunity?  You can live on one of the best streets in JL, W. Channel Circle, and save $ 55,000 on this great opportunity.  Take a look at this home.

Some of the features include nearly 2,800 square feet of living space, 3 bedrooms with 3.5 baths, pool, gourmet kitchen, marble floors, impact glass (good to 140 mph) and a generator.  It has been on the market for 112 days.  So here is the chance to save a bundle and enjoy the Jonathan's Landing lifestyle.

If this home isn't quite right, I can tell you other great opportunities like a condo in Waterbend reduced nearly $ 80,000 or another in West Bay reduced about $ 75,000.  These are motivated sellers and it's your chance to pick up a bargain.

To see any home listed for sale in Jonathan's Landing contact Richard Sites, 561-762-4073 or by email, Jonathan's Landing Realty.  We are the official, on-site agents for the Jonathan's Landing Golf Club and can show you the best locations and opportunities.

What is going on at Jonathan's Landing?

The season is just around the corner.  That means the fabulous golf weather is coming and off-shore the sailfish will be biting!

In town activities will be picking up at the busiest clubs like Jonathan's Landing, Admirals Cove and Frenchman's Creek.  To prepare, the local clubs post the social calendar for the season.  Here is the link to the Jonathan's Landing activties download for the upcoming season.  Here's the main JL clubhouse.

Jonathan's Landing is a unique, Jupiter club located on the Intracoastal Waterway about a mile from the ocean.  Here among the lakes and waterways residents and non-resident members can enjoy the 3 golf courses, 10 tennis courts, fitness center and walking/biking pathways.  Jonathan's Landing is an understated club with the look and feel of some of the great golf clubs like Pinehurst and Augusta.

If you are looking at homes for sale in Jonathan's Landing, call Richard Sites, 561-762-4073 in the Jonathan's Landing Realty office.  We are the official, on-site agents for the Club and we can show you the best locations and some great opportunities.

Jonathan's Landing clubhouse planting continues

Jonathan's Landing, a unique Jupiter club, is putting on the final touches around the main clubhouse and the social season approaches. Recently, some palms were brought in and added around the practice putting green and new sod was added in front of the clubhouse. All the clubs in the area like Admirals Cove, Frenchman's Reserve and the Bear's Club and adding the final touches as the season approaches. Today, I discovered the crew install Silver Buttonwood and a ficus hedge around the existing podacarpus hedge. Here's what the new plantings look like.


 Looking for a Jonathan's Landing home? Contact Richard Sites,561-762-4073, in the Jonathan's Landing Realty office. We are the official, on-site agents for the Club and no one knows it better. In the area? Stop by and check us out.

Yes, we still have trains here in Jupiter

Trains come through Jupiter a couple of times a day hauling rocks known as Oolite from west Miami to construction sites. I was caught at the front of the line and shot this video yesterday.

Looking for a home in this area? Trains or not, this is a great place to live! Contact me, Richard Sites, at 561-762-4073 or visit me in the Jonathan's Landing Realty office located in the main clubhouse in the Jonathan's Landing Golf Club.

Jonathan's Landing new construction on Casseekey Island

Jonathan's Landing is a Jupiter, waterfront country club consisting of 27 individual communities, 3 golf courses, tennis and fitness and 2 clubhouses.  One of the premier locations is Casseekey Island.

On Casseekey Island, Intracoastal estate homes run in the $ 2-$3 million dollar range.  Across from these estate homes are other custom homes, many with waterfront locations.  However, there was one lot left that was not built on, until now.  As an agent for Jonathan's Landing Realty, I am in and around the Club every day and have watched this house going up.

Jonathan's Landing homes for sale
Casseekey Island home in Jonathan's Landing
Homes not located on the water are selling in the $ 850,00- $ 950,000 range although most of them are three bedrooms.  Once you go to four bedrooms the price increases to around $ 1.5  million.

Jonathan's Landing homes for sale
Casseekey Island construction
Casseekey Island is surrounded by water and all waterfront properties have ocean access through the Jupiter Inlet about 10 minutes to the north through the Jupiter Inlet.  Other Jonathan's Landing waterfront properties are located on Barrow Island, Jonathan's Island, Passage Islands and Jonathan's Harbour.

If you are looking for a home in Jonathan's Landing or a waterfront property in this area, contact Richard Sites in the Jonathan's Landing Realty office at 561-762-4073.  We are the exclusive, on-site agents for the Club and nobody knows the locations here better.

Casa Del Sol Townhomes in Tequesta

Casa Del Sol is a small neighborhood of 3 story townhomes located in Tequesta, Jupiter's sister city to the north. These are some of the newest units for sale in this area with upgrades like high ceilings, crown molding, private elevators and granite counters. Here's a short video.


You can see any home for sale in this area by visiting or by contacting me, Richard Sites, directly at 561-762-4073. I have lived and worked here for 22 years and can show you the best locations to fit whatever lifestyle you want to enjoy!

Jonathan's Landing adds finishing touches for the season

Jonathan's Landing Golf Club is a premier Jupiter location with waterfront estate homes and three golf courses.  As we head into "the season" all our country clubs, like Admirals Cove, Mirasol, BallenIsles and Frenchman's Creek, are putting the finishing touches on their "sprucing up".  In fact, Admirals is hoping to finish a multi-million dollar renovation before the season starts which is around November 1.

Jonathan's Landing ordered some new palms and here they are arriving at the Club.

Jonathan's Landing homes for sale

Once offloaded, they can bring moved to the correct spot and installed.  What you see below is the root ball of the palms wrapped in plastic which is removed before going in the ground.  Palms actually transplant very easily and the mortality rate for them is very low.

Jonathan's Landing homes for sale

If you think Jonathan's Landing might be a place you would consider living, contact Richard Sites, Jonathan's Landing Realty, at 561-762-4073.  We are the exclusive, on-site agents for the Club and in our clubhouse location we have floorplans, comprehensive photos and the most current information.

Sold in Jupiter Farms

Jupiter Farms, the famous equestrian area, is located about 10 minutes west of the Town of Jupiter.  Here residents are unfettered by restrictive HOA covenants and enjoy the freedom this brings with it.  I moved from Tequesta out here about 12 years ago and love my 1.5 acres.

This house just sold here in the Farms after about 9 months on the market.  It is a 3/2.5 with about 2,000 square feet under air and was a short sale.  It sold for $ 232,000 and does not have a pool.
Jupiter Farms homes
Since Jupiter Farms and our western communities are such large areas, there are always plenty of properties on the market. Right now they range in price up to nearly $ 10,000,000 for an estate in Ranch Colony.

You might consider Jupiter Farms homes for sale if you like an individual styled home with plenty of room.  You will certainly know your neighbors since there is a strong sense of community here and will probably never go the the local Publix without running into several people you know.

To see all Jupiter Farms homes for sale or more information on this area, contact Richard Sites at 561-762-4073 or by email.  Unlike most agents I have lived here 12 years, lived in Jupiter for 22 years and grew up in South Florida.  I can show you the best location for the lifestyle you want to enjoy.

Bluffs sale in the Marina, Jupiter waterfront condos

The Bluffs is a DiVosta-built community of single family homes and condominiums located on the south side of Jupiter near the ocean.  The Marina at the Bluffs is a collection of 5 story condominiums clustered around the Marina, many with Intracoastal views.  The units are typically 2/2 floorplans with nearly 1,400 square feet of living space.
Bluffs homes for sale

A unit in the building above just sold after only 64 days on the market for $ 160,000.  Residents who buy here are a short bike ride away from the beaches at Jupiter and Juno Beach and some great surf fishing.  There are also dock spaces available in the Marina.

Condo fees run about $ 1,200 a quarter.  You might consider a condo here or across US One where two other large complexes are located as close to the ocean as you can get in Jupiter.  In Jupiter, condos were not allowed on the ocean side of the Beach Road although they are in Juno Beach.

To see any home listed for sale in the Jupiter to Palm Beach Gardens area contact Richard Sites at 561-762-4073 or by email.

Jonathan's Landing home auction in October

Jonathan's Landing is a Jupiter waterfront country club with 3 golf courses, ocean access waterfront properties, 10 tennis courts and exquisite landscaping.  Located near other clubs like Admirals Cove and the Ritz-Carlton, there are over 1,200 homes priced from near $ 200,000 to over $ 4,000,000.

These homes are divided into 27 distinct communities usually about 24 homes in size.  There are condos, townhouses, single family home and waterfront estates.  The house below in Riverwind is going to auction on October 18.

Jonathan's Landing homes for sale

It is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath pool home with nearly 2,500 square feet of living space laid out in a semi-courtyard fashion with the pool in the center off the family room.

Jonathan's Landing homes for sale

Auctions have special terms so if you are interested or know someone who might be, please contact me Richard Sites at 561-762-4073 in the Jonathan's Landing Realty office.  JL Realty is located in the main clubhouse and is the exclusive, on-site real estate office for the Club.  We have a comprehensive collection or floor plans, sales histories, membership information and pictures of  Jonathan's Landing homes for sale.