Shark attack kills kite surfer near Stuart, Florida

Yesterday afternoon, in a very rare incident, a kite surfer was killed in a shark attack.  Stephen Shafer, 38, had been practising the extreme sport in Florida when he was spotted in distress about a quarter of a mile off shore by a lifeguard.

When the Stuart Beach rescuer paddled out to him he was surrounded by sharks and had been bitten several times.  The lifegaurd put him on his surf board and paddled to shore, but he was struggling with multiple wounds.

After undergoing CPR, Mr Shafer was taken to a local hospital in Martin County, but died from his injuries.

The incident, at 4pm on Wednesday, was the first fatal shark attack in the area in over 10 years, with only 14 deaths ever attributed to them in Florida according to local records.

According to locals, it was the first multiple shark attack in recent memory.

Normally, sharks appear in the area to eat migrating bait fish - but they are a lot more common in springtime.
This is the view of the migrating sharks.  Even though it was a windy day, this doesn't look like the best spot to be swimming.

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Shark attacks are extremely rare.  You have a much better chance of being hit by lightning than bitten by a shark and most of their bites are accidental since they investigate with a "chomp".  It was the movie Jaws that put the fear in people.  Nevertheless, I would rather live here than in Tornado Alley where you might only have seconds to hide from a F-5 twister that could kill you.

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