Sailfish Marina near Palm Beach

Sailfish Marina is a great waterside watering hole.  Located on the southern end of Singer Island, Sailfish Marina sits across from Peanut Island.

At high tide, the water is crystal clear and there are plenty of fish to feed.  Take a look at this video.

Resident of condos on Singer Island can make this a regular spot for hanging out whether for breakfast or lunch.  On Thursday evenings, they have an open air art show.

You can see all condos for sale on Singer Island by visiting or for personal service call be at 561-762-4073.

Jupiter Beach north of Ocean Trail gets replenishment

Long shore current or drift is the natural process by which sand and other beach sediments move along the coast or offshore.  It creates a problem for construction along the shoreline since it erodes the beach.

The easiest solution in the past was to just get the taxpayers to pay for pumping or trucking more sand in.  It's really no different than getting taxpayers to fund flood insurance where the risk is very high and private insurers know it is a good place to take a loss, so they don't get involved.

Sometimes sand is pumped from offshore and sometimes it is trucked in, truck after truck after truck after truck........

Now, with money getting scarce, some condo owners are considering replenishing the beach...and willing to pay for it themselves.  Ocean Trail in Jupiter is considering footing the $3 million bill to delay the erosion there.

Just north of Ocean Trail, Jupiter Beach is being replenished by pumping sand which is collected in the Inlet, up on the beach via long pipes.  A lot of shells come out of the pipe and its always a great place for kids to play.  When the Inlet basin is empty, our most popular game fish, snook, congregate there as they ambush bait fish on the incoming tides.

Here's a picture of the operation taken by the Jupiter Inlet Web Cam atop the northern most building of Ocean Trail.  You can see the pipes and dozers working in the picture.  This should hold us until the next really big storm from the northeast removes it all again.  Then, its back to work.  Like kids in a sandbox, it's fun to move around, but it really doesn't make any long term difference.  It's just that the toys are bigger.

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The Gardens Mall Christmas Decorations 2010

The Gardens Mall is the biggest mall in the North Palm Beach County area and the holiday decorations are over the top. Yesterday was overcast and rainy so the mall was full of holiday shoppers. Take a look at this video tour.

Communities near the Gardens Mall include Frenchman's Reserve, Frenchman's Creek, Old Marsh, BallenIsles, Harbour Isles and PGA National. You can see all homes for sale in these communities or any other by visiting me on the web at: or for personal service call me at 561-762-4073.  Richard Sites, Realtor.

Paseos, single family homes in Jupiter

Paseos is a favorite, central Jupiter community of newer, single family homes.  Built around 2003, these homes face lakes and preserve areas and the oak lined streets meander over small bridges and lakes.

Paseos is just 5 minutes to the famous Jupiter Beaches, all the schools are "A" rated, and the shopping district of Palm Beach Gardens is just 5 miles south.
Take a look at this video tour.

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 or for personal service 561-762-4073.
Richard Sites, Realtor

Anchorage Point in the heart of the River

The Loxahatchee River meanders out of Riverbend Park and slowly makes it way to the ocean, past the Jupiter Lighthouse and out the Inlet.

The Loxahatchee River, one of only two Federally Designated Wild & Scenic Rivers in Florida, has three forks that feed into the Inlet.  Where the North and the Northwest Fork intersect you will find a section of choice waterfront property known as Anchorage Point in Tequesta.

Here is what it looks like from the air.

Joe Namath lives along the upper section and after the river leaves Anchorage Point and heads further inland, it passes Tequesta Country Club and the homes of Steve Marino and Mark Calcavecchia.  Rickie Fowler just bought on the river, but across on the western shore.

You can see all homes for sale in Tequesta by visiting me at: Coastal Florida Real Estate or for personal service, call me at 561-762-4073.  Unlike many agents I have lived here 22 years and can show you the best values and locations.  Richard Sites, Realtor.  Before you leave this page, be sure to subscribe to the blog so you will get all new posts.

Jupiter gets an arctic blast

Last year, Jupiter got an arctic blast.  Of course, we covered the garden and the country clubs like Admirals Cove covered their seasonal color beds.  But the damage was dramatic.  Read my blog post from last year HERE.

This morning, we awoke to find the temperatures in the 20's again.  In Jupiter Farms there was a heavy frost and temperatures are expected to reach only into the 50's today, which is unusually cold for this area.

Still, the weather is colder in general than it used to be.  In the 1800's oranges were grown up as far north as Georgia.  Now they only reach into the middle of the state. 

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Gardens Mall gears up for Christmas

The Gardens Mall is the premier mall in northern Palm Beach County.  Every year they go over the top with decorations.
Of course, Santa makes his appearance.  I want to stop and ask him to bring me a MacBook since I'm ready to strangle Bill Gates and Windows 7.  But, enough of that.
Take a look at this video.

You can see all homes for sale in Palm Beach Gardens and around the Gardens Mall on my website at Coastal Florida Real Estate Florida Real Estate or for personal service call me at 561-762-4073.  Richard Sites, Realtor

Fog fills the Farms

I'm not sure what causes fog, but I love it.  This morning, I found Jupiter Farms shrouded in a thick fog.  So thick, the air was punctuated with the steady drip, drip, drip of moisture dripping off the pine needles.
Life in Jupiter Farms is great with parades, wildlife, horses and fog.  This picture shows some Jupiter Farms fog last night.

If you think you might like to live in the Farms or other western community, you can see all homes for sale in Jupiter Farms by visiting Coastal Florida Real Estate or for personal service call me at 561-762-4073.  Richard Sites, Realtor...and Jupiter Farms resident!

It's called Jupiter Island, but...'s really in Tequesta. I was in a penthouse today and although it was rainy, cold and overcast I still thought you might like to see the oceanfront view. I could not capture the manatees frolicking in the surf.

We have plenty of spectacular condos for sale on Jupiter Island.  You can see them all by visiting me at Coastal Florida Real Estate or for personal service call me at 561-762-4073.  Richard Sites, Realtor and long time Jupiter resident.

Frost in Jupiter Farms, again

Okay, we're freezing down here in Jupiter.  I mean we don't deal with the lake effect or mountains of snow, but it's cold, really cold.  And damp, which makes it seem even colder.
Yesterday, I found frost on the ground and roof and when I went out this morning, found another hard covering.
There is one good thing though, the cold weather make our citrus sweet.  So we can have fresh oranges, grapefruit and tangerines earlier this year than we did last year.

Last year, we didn't get really cold weather until January.

You can see all homes for sale in Jupiter Farms by visiting Coastal Florida Real Estate or for personal service call me at 561-762-4073.  Unlike many agents I have lived in Jupiter for 22 years and can show you the best values and locations.  Richard Sites, Realtor.

Jupiter Farms and the Loxahatchee River, a trip downstream

Here in Jupiter Farms, we have the Loxahatchee River right in our back yard.  Bicycle down to Riverbend Park and you have access to the whole river.

I took a trip with my son last weekend and shot this video....enjoy!

If Jupiter and Jupiter Farms look like great places to live, they are!  You can see all homes for sale in Jupiter by visiting Coastal Florida Real Estate Florida Real Estate or for  personal service, call me at 561-762-4073.

Jupiter Farms floats shaping up for the parade

Residents of Jupiter Farms celebrate the season with their own parade.  This year's parade is tomorrow, Sunday, and will run along the standard route of Sandy Run.  This is an old-fashioned parade complete with horses and home made floats.

This morning I visited friends as they assembled their float.

This one is for the Church in the Farms, one of the Jupiter Farms churches.

Jupiter Farms is a great place to live.  I've been here 10 years and raised my family here.  You can check out the Jupiter Farms lifestyle by cruising over to my blog at

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Glenn Beck, now Mike Huckabee

In days gone by, people became wealthy by building companies and creating jobs.  No more.
I mean, owning a factory is so gauche.

Now the richest among us are life coaches, entertainers and pundits.  I think everyone is seeking something and these mouthpieces bring life to peoples feelings.  Consider:

Rush Limbaugh, $ 58 million last year
Sean Hannity, $ 22 million last year
Glenn Beck, $ 38 million last year

Last night, Glenn Beck held an event at the local theater where you could pay $20 to sit in the theater and listed to him speaking live from somewhere up north.  Last year, he arrived at Books a Million amid flashing blue lights and a mob scene to sign his latest book.  The cops closed the store to regular shoppers except those trapped inside when the meelee started.

Today, we find out Mike Huckabee will be following suit.  He will be signing books there next week.  Its interesting that with electronic readers like the Kindle and iPad becoming so popular, people still want to buy a book and get it signed.

But, whether Beck is "Broke" or Huckabee is hawking books, Jupiter is a great place to live.  You can see all homes for sale in Jupiter at Coastal Florida Real Estate or for personal service call me at 561-762-4073.  Unlike many agents I have lived here 22 years and can show you the best locations and some great opportunities.  Richard Sites, Realtor

Rickie Fowler lands on the river

In a place like Jupiter, its not unusual to see celebrities around.  My dry cleaners has a signed picture of Joe Namath hanging in the lobby since he lives right down the street in Tequesta.  And I've stood behind him in line at Burger King.

2 weeks ago, I ran into John Maxwell, the famous leadership guru and his son.  A couple of years ago at the Palm Beach Boat Show, I saw Ian Baker-Finch and then was walking behind Jasper Parnevik on the docks.  Celine Dion was giving birth at St. Mary's Hospital at the same time I was visiting my mom there.

When I posted a picture of Tiger Woods new compound on Jupiter Island, this blog got thousands of visits. I think the interest level went up when Elin beat out the windows of his car.  She is now looking at condo penthouses on Jupiter Island.

I used to see Jackie Nicklaus around frequently and last week I ran into Gary Nicklaus at The Bear's Club where they were holding a Member/Member Golf Tournament meeting.  All the Nicklaus boys look just like Jack.

I was swimming near the Jupiter Lighthouse one day when Greg Norman's yacht "Aussie Rules" came back in from fishing.  And, I used to run into Olivia Newton-John's husband all the time.

Maybe the most fun was being next door to Lee Trevino as he worked on his golf clubs in his garage and chatted "off the record" with his caddie about the inner workings of the PGA Tour.  I listened as he and Herman talked golf and people and events.

So it is no surprise to find the Rickie Fowler is moving to the area.  He will join other PGA players here like Norman, Nick Price, Steve Marino and of course, Tiger.

Rickie bought this house on the Loxahatchee River in north Jupiter.  I had lunch with the listing agent yesterday.  Earlier in the morning, I was talking to the agent who sold his personal house to Steve Marino, also right on the river.

The Loxahatchee River has some of the greatest waterfront locations around.  And you have direct ocean access through the Jupiter Inlet.

To see all homes like this for sale contact me at or on Skype at rsites.  Or for more personal service, call me directly at 561-762-4073.  Or if you want to search home for sale yourself, you can see them all at Coastal Florida Real Estate.  And before you leave, please subscribe to this blog so you don't miss any posts.

Blizzard due at the beach on Sunday

20 tons of snow is due this the beach!

John D. MacArthur State Park in Palm Beach Gardens will be hosting "Blizzard at the Beach" on Sunday from 11 to 4.

There will be plenty of refreshments, Santa posing for photos on the beach, bounce houses, kayaking and entertainment.  I guess Santa will be hanging around our area a lot this weekend since he will be arriving by boat in the Holiday Boat Parade.

Proceeds from the Blizzard will benefit The Friends of MacArthur Beach Park's Natural Science Education Fund.  The Park has a new educational facility and they told me they expect the next 5 years to be big ones for the Park.

Bringing snow to a snow-free area is an interesting comment.   After all, we don't truck 20 tons of beach sand and heat lamps up north in January.

Neverthless, this is a great place to live.  You can see all homes for sale in Palm Beach Gardens at Coastal Florida Real Estate Florida Real Estate.  Unlike many agents I have lived here 22 years and can show you the best values and locations.  561-762-4073.

What do the big boys know? Have we turned a corner?

Is the Palm Beach real estate market showing signs of a rebound? Low interest rates or maybe currency valuations?
A long time builder in the area, Divosta, broke ground to complete phase II of Mallory Creek, a 2200 acre single family home development in Abacoa. PS: They need to plant some trees first.   Compared to the rest of Abacoa, Mallory Creek looks like a wasteland.

In May, Toll Brothers snapped up 77 acres of prime Intracoastal land in Juno Beach from bankrupt WCI Communities for $20M, and are now building a new waterfront community called Frenchman’s Harbor.
WCI obtained site plan approval for 48 single family homes and 30 condos all with 50 foot boat slips. I heard the permits were set to expire and they needed to break ground. Toll Brothers also bought the land on the north side of Indiantown Road where Jupiter Country Club is located from WCI.

New Urban Communities had several commercial parcels sitting idle for years in the Greenwich subdivision also in Abacoa. See Mallory Creek above.

Earlier this year, Kolter acquired a distressed oceanfront property in Gulfstream and unveiled plans for 4001 Ocean, a 34 unit tower. They have however abandoned construction of a new complex on a choice piece of land in North Palm Beach, at least for the time.

Maybe the big boys know something...

Buyer and sellers, are you listening?

You can see all homes for sale by visiting me at or calling me at 561-762-4073.

Jupiter Florida, Christian Family Church gets new signs

Christian Family Church has moved into the building formerly occupied by Beacon Baptist Church on Center Street in Jupiter.  The building dates from the 1920's.  Beacon Baptist Church has moved to a 20 acre parcel in Jupiter Farms on Indiantown Road.

CFC has been remodeling the building and this week they added new signage.

This view is on the west end of the building.  Services are Saturday at 6 pm and Sunday at 10 am.  Sunday at 6 pm the youth group, AMP, takes over the building for their service.

To see all homes for sale in Jupiter, just click HERE.

Yachts making their way back to Jupiter

This time of year we start seeing the parade of yachts arriving back for the season.  Jupiter has long been a winter haven for the well heeled from the north.  And why not?

The weather is perfect.
The golf courses are green and stimp meters are running 10 or more.
The ocean water is warm.
The ocean water is clear.
The ocean water is full of fish.
All your friends are here.
Your family from the north will want to come visit.

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Time for the Jupiter Holiday Parade

I've lived in Jupiter for nearly 20 years and raised my family here.  One of the highlights has always been the Jupiter Holiday Parade. The parade is an old-fashioned one with Boy Scouts and local floats and of course Shriners in little cars.  You can join in and walk along if you want and I have many times.

The parade starts on Old Dixie Highway and then winds over the Alt. A1A bridge up to Tequesta.  Maybe I'll see you there.

Oh, by the way, you can see all homes for sale in Jupiter by visiting my on the web at

Jupiter Lighthouse

Jupiter is a special place to live. See all homes listed for sale in Jupiter by visiting

Jupiter Farms peacocks live right amongst us

Here in Jupiter Farms one of the big attractions is the wildlife...if you can call a peacock wildlife. I do.  Hey, in Manhattan chickens are considered livestock.  That's really true.

We have a couple of flocks of peacocks living in Jupiter Farms.  One group lives near Riverbend Park and these pictures were taken when I stopped in the have lunch.

Now if you live here you will not necessarily have these birds in your yard but if you think Jupiter Farms looks like a place you might like to call home, you can see all homes for sale in Jupiter Farms by heading over to my website at Coastal Florida Real Estate and clicking on the Jupiter Farms button on the left side.  You will access the fastest MLS search results available.

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Riverbend Park in Jupiter Farms

Jupiter Farms is one of the overlooked gems in the Palm Beach & Martin County areas.  One of the reasons is Riverbend Park.

Riverbend Park is nearly 1,000 acres of primitve area, no ball fields here.  The headwaters of the Loxahatchee River, a Federally Designated Wild & Scenic River, are here.  So, naturally its a great place to kayak or canoe.
This group of kayakers was getting ready to head down the river.  Closer to the entrance, Canoe Outiftters were launching canoes full of folks out enjoying the Jupiter Farms area.

If you want to see videos on Riverbend Park, head over to my You Tube channel at then send along to a friend.

To see all homes for sale in Jupiter Farms, contact me at 561-762-4073.  Unlike many agents I live in the Farms and can show you the best values and locations.

Richard Sites, Realtor

Jupiter Island oceanfront condos

I post frequently on Jupiter Island for many different reasons such as the housing market, condos, marinas and of course the beaches.

I took this shot of the Jupiter Island beach from Coral Cove Park. This shot is looking north from the park.

To view all Jupiter Island condos, visit me at

Today is Encourage a Blogger Day oh yeah, & 2010 Hurricane Season

For several weeks I have been encouraging my friend Dave (or Wiki-Dave as I call him) to continue writing his blog  He finally got around to filling us in on what happened this summer.  You should take a look at his site.

Anyway, if you haven't encouraged a fellow blogger today, take them to lunch and do so. 

As for the Hurricane Season, this just came in.  Hurricane season might seem been pretty tame so far, particularly in light of the predictions for a highly active year. Through the first seven weeks, a hurricane and two tropical storms have emerged, about average activity.

But the meanest stretch – the seven weeks from mid-August through early October – is here and “now the game starts,” said Stanley Goldenberg, a research meteorologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Waters in the tropical Atlantic are heating up. The atmosphere in the deep tropics is becoming more moist. The upper-level winds are easing. And more robust tropical waves are rolling off the coast of Africa.

Possibly adding fuel, La Nina, the large-scale atmospheric force that promotes storm formation, is kicking in, experts say. As a result, forecasters predict 18 to 20 named storms, including 10 to 12 hurricanes, will develop this season. They project five to six will be intense, with winds greater than 110 mph.

An average season sees 11 named storms, including six hurricanes, two intense.

“People say in August, it sure seems quiet,” said Goldenberg, who works for NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division in Miami. “I say just wait, the season hasn’t really gotten started.”

On average, five hurricanes, including two major ones, form between mid August and the first week of October. However, since 1995, when the Atlantic basin entered an era of heightened intensity, many seasons have seen considerably more systems than that.

Other experts say a large ridge of high pressure over the Atlantic has pushed tropical systems so far to the south that they don’t have enough “leverage” from the Earth’s gravitational forces to spin up. But that ridge is expected to move farther north in coming weeks.

Although the busiest stretch of the season goes into early October, the rest of that month also could be active. Systems tend to develop in the western Caribbean, where water temperatures remain warm and wind shear low.

“The reminder to people is that we’re predicting an extremely active year,” he said. “Whether it is or not, it only takes one hurricane to cause a disaster.”

We get the same forecast every year.  It's meaningless.

Blue Heron drift fishing in Jupiter

Here in Jupiter, we are blessed with a great location near the ocean.  Homes in Jupiter might be located on the Intracoastal Waterway or the Loxahatchee River and both have access to the ocean through the Jupiter Inlet.

The fishing is great with wahoo, dolphin, mackerel, kingfish, grouper, sailfish and marlin.  Along our beaches people catch snook and pompano and occasionally a snapper.

For those who do not have a boat or want the responsibilities, you can always go out on the Blue Heron, our most popular drift fishing boat.  They have two boats and one goes out of Jupiter the other out of the Lake Worth Inlet.  Take a look at this video and if you are looking at Jupiter homes for sale, unlike many Realtors, I have lived here 21 years and can show you the best values and locations.  You can contact me on Skype at rsites or  Of course, texting at 561-762-4073 still works.
Richard Sites, Realtor

Bantam chicks at Feed Store, Jupiter Farms

I stopped in Town &Country Feed here in Jupiter Farms, where we all buy our supplies, and came across a new shipment of chicks.  These are little Bantams and they are smaller than normal chicks.  Enjoy!

Life here in Jupiter Farms is great. If you like open spaces, lots of privacy, pet and wildlife, homes for sale in Jupiter Farms and our western communities may be for you. Visit my website and look for a home:

Jupiter Farms rainbow

Yesterday, we had a very rain in the afternoon and I saw this on my drive home.

Rainbows always make me think of Noah and the Wizard of Oz.

Looking for a place in the sun?  Try

Staghorn Ferns in my Jupiter Farms yard

I have some fabulous staghorn ferns in the trees here in my Jupiter Farms yard. Take a look then send along to your friends.

Homes for sale in Jupiter Farms have 1.25 acres or more and no restrictive HOA rules.  So you can do as you please like quarter a horse, have a garden, keep chickens, park an airboat or truck in your yard or build a bonfire.  You might like Jupiter Farms homes if you like to do as you please and let other people do the same.  Try that in Abacoa!

If you are looking for a home in Jupiter Farms, unlike many Realtors I have lived here 11 years and can show you the best values and locations.  Contact me at 561-762-4073 or  Or you can see all homes for sale at Coastal Florida Real Estate.

Richard Sites, Realtor

Memorial Day at the Jupiter Inlet

Take a look at this short video shot on Memorial Day at the Jupiter Inlet then send along to your friends.

Moving to this area?  You can see all homes for sale at

Loggerhead Marina: 125 foot yacht

Recently, I stopped by the new Loggerhead Marina on Donald Ross Road in Palm Beach Gardens.

The new owners have come up with a great business plan to consolidate many of the small marinas around into a brand .  The Loggerhead Turtle is the symbol.

On the other side of the marina I spotted a beautiful yacht and walked over to have a look.  There was a crew member cleaning it and he told me it was 125 feet in length.

Never one to pass up a beauty like this one, I shot a few pictures.  How about the picture below, is that some shine on the hull or what?

Here's yours truly looking back at you.

Does this look like a great place to live?  YOU BET IT IS ! 

You might like Loggerhead Marina if you are looking for homes for sale in Frenchman's Creek or homes for sale in the Bear's Club

Looking for a place to call your own and enjoy this Coastal Florida Lifestyle?  Hop on over to my website: where you can search all the homes listed in the MLS in real time.  Or you can have me help. 

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Dogs of Jupiter Beach


I just got this in my Inbox and thought you would love to see it.  It's a portrait gallery of the Dogs of Jupiter Beach.  Take a look.

Jupiter Farms, new chicks just arrived at Town & Country Feed

I just came from Town & Country Feed here in Jupiter Farms where I was picking up supplies (I learned this phrase from watching Rawhide with Clint Eastwood).

They were unloading a shipment of 1 day old chicks of these types:

Sicilian Buttercup
White Rock
Golden Sexlink
Silver Lace Wyandotte

Sorry no pics, just look them up on Google Images!

If you have been considering getting into the backyard chicken game, today is the perfect day.  Stop in and they will get you all the supplies you need.  Fresh eggs this fall!!

Coconut palms in Jupiter, Florida

The post I made on the palms of Jupiter and Jupiter Island created so much interest, I had to follow up.

Loxahatchee River Clean Up May 22

Hop in a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard and help clean up the Loxahatchee River! The River Center and Loxahatchee River District, in conjunction with Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful, are hosting a River Cleanup on Saturday, May 22nd from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. This fun family event is being held in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Loxahatchee River’s National Wild and Scenic designation and as part of the Great American Cleanup.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to take kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards onto the river, or walk along the banks to clean the Loxahatchee River’s shores and waterways. Over forty canoes and kayaks have been donated to the cleanup by Canoe Outfitters of Florida, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Jupiter Kayak Tours, and Jupiter Outdoor Center and volunteers are welcome to use their own boats as well.

The River Cleanup will be held at four different locations throughout Jupiter. Volunteers will meet and launch from Riverbend Park, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Coral Cove Park West, and Burt Reynolds Park. Everyone is encouraged to volunteer for the cleanup and volunteers will receive a 10% off River Center Gift Shop coupon and a Great American Cleanup t-shirt, while supplies last.

Water, pick-up tools, garbage disposal bags, watercrafts, and life vests will be provided at each location, and volunteers are welcome to bring their own as well. Volunteers ages 16 to 18 will need a signed parent consent form to participate and volunteers ages 15 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

All volunteers are encouraged to pre-register for the River Cleanup, although on-site registration will be available. Pre-registration packets are available for pick up at the River Center or through email at

The River Center is a program of the Loxahatchee River District. The River Center is a fun family destination that features nine aquariums, interactive exhibits, and a touch tank. The River Center is located in Burt Reynolds Park at 805 N US Highway 1 in Jupiter. For more information on this and other River Center events or for directions please call (561) 743-7123 or visit our website at
I will be kayaking out in Riverbend Park since I live in Jupiter Farms.  This is a great chance to get out and help protect the Lox.  It is a Federally Designated Wild & Scenic River.  And check out my videos on Riverbend Park on my You Tube Channel then send to your friends.

Another dead coconut palm

Several months ago, I published a blog post on the damage done to the coconut palms in this area and on Jupiter Island.  Some of the tallest and most beautiful trees were severely damaged but I was sure they would come back.  However, I was wrong.  Many graceful palms were killed like the one above which has since been removed.  (I know its not a great picture but it was taken in a hurry).  Coconuts always remind people of our beautiful, Coastal Florida lifestyle and anytime we lose one, it's a big loss.

I grew up in Miami where the skyline was punctuated with towering palms, mostly of the variety Jamaica Tall.  When the Lethal Yellowing scourge hit, it killed all the trees and changed the skyline forever.  Many new varieties such as Golden Malayans were planted, but they lack the towering stature of the older palms.  And palms grow slowly so these trees will not likely be replaced in our lifetime.

Looking for a home to call your own here in paradise?  Try my website: where you can search for your own home or set up an automated search to have the computer do the work for you.  You will then be notified when the right properties come on the market.

What is that vine with white flowers right now?

This picture was taken in Jupiter Farms where I thought the light was good to capture Confederate Jasmine, which is in bloom right now.  Although technically not a vine, since it does not have tendrils, it is a climbing shrub.  It is often used near doorways since it is easy to grow, relatively pest free and in late spring into early summer is especially fragrant.

Confederate Jasmine is easy to spot this time of year with its profuse flowers.  If you need and easy to grow shrub with a great fragrance, give it a try.

Dubois Park in Jupiter gets new grass plantings

Dubois Park on the Jupiter Inlet has always been a favorite with families in this area.  Not only is there a beach right on the Jupiter Inlet, but the water winds into a lagoon that at one time was the original Jupiter Inlet.  The current inlet was dredged in 1926.

The park lies on the south side of the Inlet across from Jupiter Inlet Colony and Jupiter Island.

The County has been improving the facility with new trees, lifeguard stands and the like.  One addition is new grass plantings.

Sometimes the traffic pulls the new plantings out of the ground like this one below.

With the lighthouse in the distance and warm, clear water it's easy to see why this park is so popular.

If you are looking for a house in Jupiter or Tequesta you can start your search at my website: or to see any property currently listed for sale, contact me at  Be sure and follow this blog and send it along to your friends.

What a difference some chicks make

Living in the western community of Jupiter Farms, I am not hindered by Homeowner Association rules that say what kind, how many and what size animals I can have.  We also have lots of resident wildlife some of which want to share my food.  Here's a Jupiter Farms squirrel I met in the backyard Squirrel.  One other squirrel that hangs around with a bite out of his/her ear we have named Nip.

And I like I have a few.  Most of the standard domestic ones came from Safe Harbor Animal Shelter which is Jupiter's No-Kill facility.  If you don't know about them, click the link above.  You can also see a video at My You Tube Channel.

Anyway, we also have backyard chickens, a feature that is not overlooked by the local predators.  So like everyone with chickens the battle goes on to protect them.  I have been losing.

For a variety of reasons, my flock has dwindled from 13 down to 4 and we thought it was time to pump up the volume.  So, yesterday we contacted another Jupiter Farms resident I found on craigslist and we went over and selected 5 new ones.

We wanted birds that were slightly older, almost ready to lay, since the older ones will pick on the young ones if they are too small.  You've heard no doubt of pecking order.

We selected 2 black birds who must be from the same nest since they are identical and stick very close together.  We selected 2 barred rocks for the patterns on their feathers.  And one slightly larger Rhode Island Red since we already have one.  We brought them home in a large, dog carrier and introduced them to our current residents.

We you bring new birds home, you immediately get a Home Team vs. Visitors mentality.  Often they will not meld for weeks.  Once when I brought home 7 birds, they stayed separated for about 2 months.  That was in the good old days when they roamed the yard freely.  Since the attacks started the free range activity has been practically eliminated.

We named the two small, black ones Zip & Zap, the 2 barred rocks Ginger and Mary Anne and the RIR, Copper.  They have already filled in the gaps created when we lost the last ones.

The best therapy when a pet dies is to get another...and quickly.

Oleanders come in pink too!

I showed you some white oleanders the other day, but take a look at these pink ones I found in Jupiter Inlet Colony, where Olivia Newton-John lives.
Oleanders are really a hot, dry climate plant and are native to Algeria.  But given lots of fertilizer, water and some hard pruning they can really become spectacular.

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Hawaiian Ti brings fabulous color to small spaces in Mirasol

One of our most colorful and easy to grow plants is the Hawaiian Ti also known as Red Dracaena.  Technically, the plant is Cordyline Terminalis, part of the very large Liliaceae family.

In sub-tropical South Florida Hawaiian Ti makes a great plant for that tight space near the house.

They are also widely sold as interior plants since they are easy to grow and have a tolerance for very low light conditions.
These pictures were taken at a home in Mirasol Country Club.  Isn't the color great?

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