Backyard chickens in Jupiter Farms

As the concept of sustainability gains traction many people are finding the first and easiest step is to get a few chickens for the yard.  In fact, the web site is getting a tremendous amount of traffic and interest.

So, my friend Jack decided to get some birds and came to talk to me since I've had chickens for about 5 years.  I actually backed into the chicken business by selling someone's house who had a coop, feed and birds and when I was unable to find a place for them, decided to adopt them myself.  I mean, how hard could it be?

Jack bought a dozen Rhode Island Red chicks and raised them in a cage on his porch.  They are now grown and living outside as seen above.  He built them a very substantial coop with shutters for the windows and this protective area for them to go outside.
 We do have predators in the area so you have to watch out for them.  My friend Dave bought 2 dozen Rhode Island Reds and got a couple of roosters in the mix.  But, the raccoons have thinned out his flock quite a bit.

Jack is very particular about the care of these birds and only feeds them commercial food, no table scraps although they will eat anything.  He is rewarded with 10-12 eggs per day which he donates to needy families and uses personally.  Whenever I stop by the house, I go out and scratch the girls under their wings, a place a chicken can't scratch themselves and they love it.

If you have kids, they will particularly love the birds.  Check the web for more information, build  a small coop and have a blast.

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