Why I admire my friend Dave or why social networking is good

A couple of months ago, a got a Google alert on Jupiter Farms.  If you are not aware, you can set up Google to monitor the Internet for you and send emails whenever something hits the Internet that meets the keyword criteria you have set up.  You get mostly news and freshly undated content, not web pages.  Anyway, one day I get an alert about a new blog post on backyard chickens in Jupiter Farms and click over to check it out.  I find Daves' blog: http://lifeisgoodpart2.blogspot.com/

I found out that Dave surrendered the corporate life of drudgery to hack his own way in the world of independence and sustainability.  I heartily recommend keeping up with his blog (and clicking on a few ads for good measure).  So, why do I admire him?

Well, living the sustainability lifestyle takes creativity, imagination, determination and a sense of humor.  Sure, he knows how to knock out a tax return (he was in public accounting previously) but now that he is venturing in this new world, he is treating each problem as an opportunity to learn.  And then I learn from him....and he learns a little from me because....

I have lived in Jupiter Farms longer.
I have had chickens longer.
I have had a garden longer.
I have had a water system longer.
I just repaired my roof and he hasn't faced this, but he did replace some wooden siding (T-111).
But, I can't do a corporate tax return.

Why a sense of humor? Because everything in life costs more and takes more time than you thought and if you start repairing things around the house, you will learn this in short order.
So, while I am on Facebook, have an unused Twitter account, belong to Linked In, have a website: http://www.coastalfloridarealestate.net/ and write this blog, there are those who think social networking is just for kids with smartphones and time to kill.  You might want to read:  What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis or visit his blog at http://www.buzzmachine.com/.  The world is changing. 

I have an older friend who shakes his phone like Charlton Heston did with the rifle and then says:  "If I want to talk to someone, I will use this phone!"   But, I would not have found this great, new friend without Google or blogs....so there!