Pine pollen in Jupiter Farms, it's that time of year

Each February, the pine trees in south Florida flower heavily and begin dropping pollen on everything.  In the shot above you can see the streak of it on my rear window where the wiper swept across.  Different pine trees have different types and sizes of flowers.  Wait, did I explain that these are the male flowers and the female part is the.....pine cone!

This is the hood of my car.  If you look right along the top you can see the yellow dust gathering.

Up in Tequesta, the pines have tiny little flowers.  But some of the varieties we have here in the Farms have flowers as big as your little finger.  When we moved to the Farms 10 years ago, we weren't aware of this issue although there is plenty of pine pollen in Jupiter.  We started taking Allegra D to deal with it.  And, we limit the amount of time outdoors here during the month of February and March until we get the first, really hard rain which washes it all away.  And on the ground, the first little pine trees have spouted from last year's pine cones.  When I find them in the yard, I try to mark and protect them so they can grow up.

I like trees!