Palm Beach County Property Taxes? No thanks, I'll pass on those

Recently, some friends who are leading a high-tech, nomadic lifestyle stopped at the house. (You can follow their adventures at and more on them later).  During their 3 day stay at the house we discussed the nomadic lifestyle and with the Internet you can take your business right on the road with you.  This is the goal of my friend Dave.  Be sure and link over to his blog).

The nomadic lifestyle has many different lifestyles and types of people.  Dave follow the blog postings of working CPA's who live on the road.  My friends above are Burning Man participants and their friends are more the creative types than the accountant type.  There is a third category of nomad, that is those that live aboard boats.  During my life in South Florida I have met many sailboat residents. 

The residents of boats are usually thinner or ectomorphic which is the result of, or required to, live aboard a boat since you are continually climbing around, on or under, or beneath things.  One big advantage of living aboard a boat is the lack of property taxes.  The boat above is anchored in the small creek near the Town of Jupiter's Riverwalk.  Originally, the Intracoastal Waterway was a meandering, small river until the Corp. of Engineers "fixed" they did the Kississimme River.  They dug one, wide, straight path....BINGO, problem solved.  PS:  The K. River fixed didn't work and you the taxpayer got stuck with a many millions of dollars bill to "restore" it.
So, the boat above is sharing the same waterway views as the Jupiter Yacht Club in the background.  Except that the condo residents have property taxes that are about 2% of the purchase price.  Translated, most of the residents paid around $ 1,000,000 for the units so they have a tax bill of around $ 20,000...more or less. 

Here's another shot showing a second sailboat. All of these folks shop at the same Publix, use the same Library, and use the same roads, one just doesn't have to pay property taxes and doesn't care about the housing market.  When they decide they have had enough of Jupiter, they can just pull the anchor and leave.
And this is not limited to sailboats.  Look at these motor vessels.

There is one drawback....there is no approval process for new neighbors.  Anybody with wings can drop in and join the party!!  All they ask for is some dead fish.

Is Jupiter a great place to live?  You bet it is!
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