Jupiter Farms Mobile Post Office, great idea...NOT!

In the comic strip Peanuts, every year Lucy tricks Charlie Brown into kicking the football.  And every year, just as he gets to it, she pulls it away and he lands on his back.  This is a metaphor for so many things in life, not the least of which is the sometimes open, mobile Post Office in Jupiter Farms.  Why is the Post Office always behind the times?

Here's the story.  Living in Jupiter Farms, we don't have a fixed location Post Office, if you can believe that!  Thousands of homes out here in one of the largest areas around and we don't have any postal service except the little delivery truck.

Some years back, the P.O. decided to have a small truck out here so folks could mail packages.  Only trouble was, the truck was so irregular on days here or hours of operation you could never depend on using it. So what's a bigger and better solution?  Get a more expensive truck and then have issues keeping it open.  My friend Dave gave up his on-line business because the truck was so unreliable.

But, like Charlie Brown, I went to mail a package the other day.  The picture below shows what I found when I got there.
OOPS, closed again!  But, there is a hand written sign telling me when they MIGHT reopen.  My wife stopped by during the holidays to mail something and came home telling me it wasn't open.  I said, "It's never open, don't even try".  Nevertheless, Jupiter Farms is a great place to live!

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