Jupiter beaches resident, the Spanish bayonet

All along the Southeast Florida coast and in some other generally hostile environement, our Spanish Bayonet (Yucca aloifolia) thrives.
 Spanish bayonet is native to coastal areas, including sand dunes, shell mounds and shorelines, from North Carolina to Mexico and in the West Indies. It is widely cultivated and naturalized throughout much of the southern US. 

Use Spanish bayonet as an accent behind beds and borders. Plant them in a cluster in a sunny corner of the landscape where they will have room to tumble over and start new plants from offshoots. Place Spanish bayonet in the background, where people and pets won't be skewered! Spanish bayonet may be the ultimate in "security plants" - it can be planted beneath windows and other access points where its fiercely pointed leaves will prevent passage of all interlopers human and otherwise!

Like all members the larger family of Lilies, Spanish Bayonets shoot up an impressive flower spike.

Although the plants require nothing in the way of care, they must be planted away from people because of the dangers the points on the leaves pose.  Sometimes they are used as barrier plantings since nobody gets through these plants without getting stuck!  If you have the room at your Jupiter home or live in Jupiter Farms, you might enjoy these plants and there dramatic flower spikes.  But if you get stuck, don't say I didn't warn you.

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