Jupiter Farms new Fire Rescue Station No. 14

Rural fires are something we have to think about here in the Farms.  If you live in town, the thought probably never crosses your mine.  Did you know that the blue reflectors in the middle of the street show the Fire Dept. where the hyrants are?

But in rural areas, water supplies are a different story.  When buying a house, you need to show the insurance company where the water supply is and in fact, can get a discount if you have a pond that the Fire Department could drop a feeder hose into to extinguish flames. 

Taxes though for Fire & Rescue went up this year.  Here is the new Fire Station we have in the Farms.

I have no idea what that is on the roof.

These guys came to my house when my son fell off a ladder onto the concrete and broke his arm and knocked himself silly.

There it is again, what is that thing?

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