Perfect waves near the Juno Beach Pier

Juno Beach is a seaside town just south of the Town of Jupiter and east of Palm Beach Gardens.  It extends westward to the Intracoastal Waterway.  Outside of Singer Island, it is the only place where condos sit right on the beach sand.  It is a true beach lover's paradise.

The Loggerhead Marinelife Center is located here too. The LMC rehabilitates injured sea turtles and returns them to the wild.  After our record cold two years ago they received turtles from all along the Atlantic coast.

Fisherman find the area just north of the Pier a great spot for snook fishing along the shore.  This area is known as Double Roads to the old locals.  Snook are our prize game fish and can reach 30 lbs. which is quite a large fish to catch while standing on shore.

And of course we have the famous Juno Beach Pier.  This one was constructed after the first pier was destroyed by hurricane waves about 20 years ago.  The ocean bottom must be just right since this is the best spot around for surfing although the fisherman have asked for, and received, a "No Surf" zone near the Pier.  But when the waves are just right, they look like this one.

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Jupiter Farms gets a haircut

Jupiter Farms is a great place to live!  Located just a couple of miles west of the Florida Turnpike, life out here is nothing like living in Town. First, there are no HOA rules so you are free to do as you please whenever you please.  Second, the lots are 1.25 acres or more and are zoned so you can have backyard chickens or horses if you want and have plenty of room to do so.  Third is the abundance of wildlife.  And fourth are all the trees.

Now we lost plenty of trees when the 2004 hurricanes of Frances and Jean came through.  But we still have lots of them left.   So once in awhile the trees have to be trimmed off the power lines that run along the street.

One of the nation's largest trimmers of utility right of ways has been in the Farms working up and down each street.  As I was working in my home office today they came by and trimmed the pines I have growing along the front of my house.

They are very efficient and watching how nimble the man doing the trimming is at maneuvering his bucket through the power wires is quite a sight.  And although they are working along very quickly, since the Farms is 16 square miles of homes they will be out here quite awhile.

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February is no time too stay away from the beach!

Jupiter has long been the premier waterfront location along the Southeast Florida coast.  We have many things to draw people to the area, but the biggest reason is the fabulous winter weather.  We have some of our most exquisite days during the winter and yesterday was no exception.  Although we did have a "cold snap" for a couple of days, when the wind turns around and comes in over the ocean temperatures head back up.  So February is no time to stay away from the beach as you can see from the picture below which was taken yesterday.

You don't have to be rich to enjoy all the benefits.  Homes for sale in Jupiter range from equestrian estates west of Town to 2/2 condos near the ocean.  We have miles of waterfront properties both inside clubs like Admirals Cove and along the Loxahatchee River.  Jupiter real estate offers something for everybody!

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Don't mess with the mangroves

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is tasked with monitoring and protecting our remaining natural areas. See, Florida has a history of exploitation from wrestling alligators in front of tourists to shooting egrets for their feathers to draining the Everglades to provide land for the sugar cane industry interests.

Palm Beach County has an Environmental Resources Management department which does the same thing here locally. Now, with ever expanding population putting pressure on what is left of Florida's natural environmental treasures, tampering with them can get you in big trouble and cost you plenty. Take the case of mangroves.

The three varieties of mangroves (red, white and black) are an integral part of our natural ecology first by putting down roots and establishing new islands then to providing sanctuary for infant fish (called fry) as they try to safely navigate predators to make it to adulthood. And hanging out in the mangroves is a great place to seek shelter if you are a juvenile fish the size of a child's finger.

Now, you can trim these mangroves if they block your view of the salt water. But you need to call a licensed mangrove trimmer who has a permit to trim them. (These days you have to get a permit to do nearly anything).  And certain sections between the properties have to be allowed to grow naturally. Calling in your local landscaper to cut them down can get very costly as another Jupiter couple recently found out.

They reportedly had landscapers cut down 109 on weekends and after dark. After turning down a settlement of $ 1,000 per tree, the couple was slapped with a fine of $ 1.6 million plus legal fees and another potential fine of $ 43,100 from the State. The Loxahatchee Riverfront couple are not the first to taste the State's vengeance for cutting down mangroves.

Several years ago, another couple who lived along the Intracoastal in a community called The Bluffs, did this and got whacked with a huge fine. The officials tried to drag the landscape company into the mess but eventually settled my letting them provide some other work for the Town in lieu of a fine.

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Elin Nordegren's neighbors along the ocean

When Elin Nordegren bought here ocean front mansion in North Palm Beach recently, she joined a group of ocean lovers with one of the most fabulous locations in the world.
Sure, the location Tiger picked on Jupiter Island is great, but her spot is every bit as ideal.

Neighbors along this stretch of coastline have also invested heavily in their oceanfront estates.  This is what the home of one of her neighbors looks like.

Elin Nordegren's neighbors along the ocean

In addition to oceanfront homes like this one, we have miles of exquisite riverfront property along the Loxahatchee River in Jupiter and Tequesta.  We also have miles of ideal Intracoastal property between Jupiter and North Palm Beach.  And of  course we have Jupiter Island where Alan Jackson has his home on the market for $ 14.9 million.  He also has his smaller home over on the mainland in Tequesta on the market too. 

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Paseos, a great location for Jupiter homes

Paseos is one of Jupiter's most popular communities of single family homes and one of the reasons is the great location.

Paseos is situated just north of Abacoa off Indian Creek Parkway and south of Toney Penna Drive so everything in Jupiter is just 5 minutes away...including our famous beaches. All the schools are "A" rated and all Town of Jupiter facilities like the Post Office, Library and Town Hall are just a short ride away. You could easily bike to them.

Like to canoe or kayak? Head west on Indiantown Road 10 minutes to Riverbend Park which is the headwaters of the Loxahatchee River and kayak under the canopies of massive cypress trees as you watch for gators and turtles along the banks of the River.

Like shopping at places like Macy's, Nordstrom's or Saks? The Gardens Mall is just 10 minutes south. And the Palm Beach Gardens area is full of great places to eat from sushi to waterfront dining along the Intracoastal.

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