Jupiter Farms, rain and another cold night

This afternoon the leading edge of another cold front swept through the area bringing with it heavy showers.  This is great since it washes so much of the pine pollen off everything (see my pine pollen post).  And since this is the latest in a series of heavy rains this winter (normally our dry season), we have a better chance to going into spring and summer with adequate amount of water.

As the weather changed, I found the view below in my Jupiter Farms backyard.

I have had to keep my chickens in their pen during the day to protect them from a rash of attacks by predators.  A few minutes the light changed and here is scene.  And it's getting really cold, really fast!

The area in the center of the picture is our garden, where the mustard greens have begun to bolt.  I let them go and if they set seed we may have volunteer plants next year.

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