How Google and TIVO can help sell your house

Is feature creep getting in the way of your buyer’s experience when looking for a home. Never hear of feature creep, consider this.

Feature creep is a common problem caused when helpful engineers put so much stuff onto a unit, it becomes for all practical purposes unuseable.

The same thing is happening to the Internet. I’ve spoken with web developers who tell me when developing sites for clients, you must stay current with the “trends”. That’s why the website today are so jammed with information and radio buttons and tiny fonts you can’t find anything.

Google knows this all too well. Take a look at their search page or Chrome. They are sticking to the idea that you only use a fraction of the information anyway. Take a look at the TIVO remote above and the number of buttons squeezed onto the surface. Isn’t the joke, “Just have your kids do it for you?”

When it comes to your web presence, don’t let a web site loaded wth feature creep kill your buyer experience.
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