February 6, 2010: Did somebody say beautiful day?

Well, there is certainly something enchanting about snow drifts, snowfall and the rest of it.  In fact, I love a heavy snowfall...especially if I'm on a ski vacation.  Correction, PARTICULARLY if I'm on a ski vacation.

But today, while the Northest is blanketed with some of Mother Nature's finest handiwork, here along the southeast coast of Florida are enjoying spectacular weather.  The skies are bright blue dotted with a few clouds,  the air has been cleaned by the rain last night, the temperatures are expected to be around 72 today with a light breeze.  The beaches will be packed and the Town of Jupiter's Jupiter Jubilee will be packed also.  Weather like this just makes you want to go outside!

Another great spot is the Juno Beach Pier, seen above.  There is fishing, surfing, kite boarding and other "beachy" things to do. 

If you want to bike, run or walk, there are 5 miles of free beaches between Juno and the Jupiter Inlet, where there will also be surfing.  Riverbend Park, west of Jupiter will be full of bikers, runners and kayakers.

You can see videos of the beaches, the Inlet and surfing and Riverbend Park over at my You Tube Channel: www.youtube.com/richardsites.

Does Jupiter sound like the right place to live?  You bet it is!  Find out more at my website: http://www.coastalfloridarealestate.net/