Jupiter Farms Publix: From villian to hero

Before the Jupiter Farms shopping center was built, most of the residents of the Farms traveled several miles eastward into Jupiter and shopped at the Chasewood Winn-Dixie. So, when it was announced that Publix was planning to move into the Farms there was an outcry from the citizens that a Publix would ruin the neighborhood.

Our local group, the Jupiter Farms Residents (http://jupiterfarmsresidents.com/) is an outspoken group who defend the Farms lifestyle and they petitioned hard to have this Publix fit into to the community feel. Later, the took on McDonald's and were also successful. The Farms restaurant looks different from all other McDonald's.
Other stores come and go. We had a Hollywood Video, but I think Netflix put them out of business. There is a Subway, a real estate office, a liquor store, an Italian restuarant, a shipping store and on the end a small bar/restaurant called Lucky's.
Once villified, Publix and the Jupiter Shopping Center have become mainstays of the Farms life and now you don't really need to "go into town" unless you want.