Class Action suit filed in Acreage "Cancer Cluster"

Who didn't see this coming?  Right from the beginning it had all the makings of a classic, class action lawsuit.

1.  Children as victims.
2.  Big, military industrial company as defendant.
3.  Local newspaper brands it with sensational title, "Acreage Cancer Cluster".  Good enough catchy phrase until they come up with "The Thanksgiving Day Killer" headline.
4.  Big name trial attorney flies into town, Erin Brockovich.
5.  10,000 potential plantiffs if class action status is granted.

It's another classic example of a parasitic lawsuit.  Hey, times are tough.  Even trial lawyers have to look deep and hunt hard to find a company with pockets as deep as Pratt Whitney's.  We just don't have a lot of nice, fat corporations around here to sue, so they couldn't over look this opportunity!