Dedicated Equestrian Area? What's that?

Jupiter Farms is considered a Dedicated Equestrian Area, just like The Acreage.  That means horses have the right of way over cars.  This is the sign telling you this when entering Jupiter Farms.

Having horses in the area adds a great deal to the liefstyle texture here.  Some people just have one horse in the yard, others may have one or two and board others.  Still others may have space for as many as a dozen and lease land to trainers.  One of my favorite things is to come upon people riding on our dirt streets on the weekend.  Usually, this is a family outing.

Here's a small group I passed last Sunday.

Further down the road I passed another group, but the picture didn't come out.  Like horses?  Check out my video over at which I shot when I came upon some young girls riding horses in Riverbend Park here in Jupiter.  You can find out more about this area on my You Tube channel or at my web site: