Abacoa Town Center


When the Di Guardiola company built Abacoa, they included something for everybody.  There is the Abacoa Golf Club, Roger Dean Stadium, Antigua Live/Work, Florida Atlantic University and the Cobb Theaters.  All of this was centered around a downtown area where people could meet, great and eat...and then live right above the shops and stores.  The picture above shows the Main Street in the Abacoa Town Center. 

While I was taking these pictures from my car this couple walked across in front of me.

One example of this idea is shown below.  Its Rooney's Pub. In the condos above the shops, many students from the Honors Program at Florida Atlantic University reside.  In addition to the usual comings and goings, the Town Center features an annual Feast of Little Italy, Arti-Gras in the spring and a weekly Farmer's Market.  Abacoa was built on land originally owned by Mecca Farms and I used to take my boys to pick vegetables there when they were small.  Abacoa, although technically in Jupiter, is a town unto itself with all sorts of stores and shopping, sports and preserve areas with walking trails.
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