Its not 98 million, but Tiger is still good for business

A quick comment on the Tiger Woods Thanksgiving weekend, besides the fact that the media loves a sensational story. It keeps them from having to do any meaningful work.  On the following Saturday, I noticed a huge spike in web traffic to my blog. Only later did I discover this was people searching for Tiger Woods stuff on the web.

Since Tiger is building on Jupiter Island, right around the corner from us, I post developments on his activities. These, along with his high profile neighbors like Celine Dion (creating quite a stir with her own backyard water park and holes to return the unused water to the aquifer), Greg Norman (who had his house listed at $ 65 million, then $ 47.5 million, then back to $ 60 million and is stirring up things with Chris Evert and the Norman divorce), Nick Price (who is keeping a distinctly British low profile), Burt Reynolds (Jupiter’s most famous son), Dan Marino,  Alan Jackson and the list goes on.

What was interesting this same weekend was the news that when Tim Tebow first appeared with John 3:16 etched on his face black, 98 million people searched Google to find out what it means. On theSaturday above, this blog received close to 5,000 visitors. Thanks, Tiger.

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