Rhode Island Reds in Jupiter Farms

My friend Jack has a dozen Rhode Island Reds that he and his wife lovingly raised from 1 day old chicks.  He carefully stepped up their cage size as they grew making sure they always had room to stretch their wings.  Now, he has a flock of proud, beautiful chickens who are doing a great job of laying eggs.

As they grew, he constructed a fabulous coop...it's not really a coop, it's a chicken hotel, for them.
He had a friend who was a carpenter give him some help on the design and construction.  So the girls have shutters to keep out the cool night air and the long box you see in the front contains their laying boxes.
Now to make sure they get enoough greens in their diet, he cultivates winter rye and using a shovel moves a small sample over each day for them to eat.

Things must agree with the girls because they have produced 99 eggs in the last 10 days.  A dozen of them looks like this:

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