Spring Training comes to Roger Dean Stadium

Spring training has opened here in Jupiter for the Florida Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals.  Of course, one of the biggest stories is the return of Mark McGwire as batting coach. 

According to Hank Aaron, "I've said this and I'll say it again, over and over again, this is the most forgiving country in the world. If you come through and tell the truth, then you're going to be forgiven. "The kid with the Yankees, (Andy) Pettitte, came out and it was a week of news and after that it was over. We all make mistakes. If they ever did enhancing drugs, whatever they did, they should come clean and be able to sleep at night."

I have a vivid memory of seeing McGwire play because on third base was Cal Ripken. 

I was sitting just a few rows up from third base, which of course was a prime target area when McGwire was at the plate.  Rene Laschman was the third base coach and he moved way off the base to keep from getting hit with the ball.

Anyway, McGwire ripped one right down the line faster than I could follow it with my eyes. 

When I caught up to it, Cal Ripken was lying on the ground with the ball in his glove.  He was so fast and on top of that ball I couldn't believe it.  After the game he sat for what seemed like hours signing balls for little kids.

Is Jupiter a great place to live?  You bet it is.

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