Parasites...why I don't participate in class action lawsuits

So, in today's mail was another, in what is a seeminly unending stream, of invitations to join a class action lawsuit.  This time against Dell.

Now, I haven't purchased a Dell Computer for about 5 years.  It was a little late arriving so they sent me some speakers to make up for my trouble.  The computer works fine.  My son spends too much time on it.  So, what is the problem?  The answer is nothing!

I read an expose in Forbes one time on these class action suits and they are nothing more than manufactured claims by trial attorneys to generate fees.  They (trial lawyers) are even sueing companies that don't make the earnings they thought they would.  What's worse, is that if there is a settlement all legal costs are recovered and a 40% fee is taken before the remaining scraps are divided amongs the named plantiffs in the suit. Or to rephrase that:  We will take 40% as our fee, then recover all our costs then divide the remaining money among what could be thousands of people who have been conned into joining the class action suit.

I know, when the opportunity to join the suit arrives people say, well why not?  Maybe I will get some money out of it.  This is why America has 20 times the number of attorneys that Japan has.   And most people are not aware that the trial lawyers (we used to call them ambulance chasers) are one of the biggest political contributors so tort reform will never happen.

When McDonald's pays $ 2 million dollars to a woman who didn't know the coffee was hot and then spilled it in her lap....or when Home Depot pays $ 90,000 to a woman who saw a snake in the garden center for her "mental distress", who do you think pays for this?  It ain't Mickey D, baby!  When you buy that McChicken sandwich, please also make a contribution to the __________  Law Firm who represented the woman mentioned above.

So back to the story.  All my other mail is opened.  The class action lawsuit invitation gets tossed right into the trash unopened.

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