Selling your house in just like putting, don't come up one turn short!

If you play golf you know there is a saying, “Don’t leave it short”. This is especially true for the birdie putt.
The teachers say, plan to have the ball go 18 inches past the cup, in other words, do not come up short. A ball that is even one turn short, can not make it in the cup.When selling your house, the same principles apply. Make sure you give it all that is needed to make the sale.

Now, part two of this is the line, “Why is it so easy to make a second putt?” First, all the emotion is out of it. (This is the same reason you need a professional to help you sell your house). Without the emotion, you can freely strike the ball. Second, you can see where you came up short the first time. I could tell you many stories of clients who were wrapped up in emotion, would not take good offers I presented to them, only to call me a week later and recant.

Remember, hindsight is always 20-20 and HOPE IS NOT AN EFFECTIVE SELLING STRATEGY.

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