Jupiter Farms, the rise of sustainability

Jupiter Farms, described on one website as "the hidden jewel of Palm Beach County" is a dedicated equestrian area on the western side of Jupiter. Like Palm Beach Country Estates to the south and The Acreage and Loxahatchee to the southwest, the Farms homes are on sites of 1.25 acres or multiples thereof, 2.5, 5, 10 & 20 acres. Jupiter Farms is separated from Palm Beach Country Estates by the C-18, a canal project that drains the western properties into the Loxahatchee River and then into the Jupiter Inlet and on into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Farms were originally a separate town named ROOD, for the Rood family that settled there. Later, the Rood family with 11 children moved to Tequesta on the north side of the Jupiter Inlet. The early settlers in the Farms (if I can use that word) were Pratt Whitney engineers who moved here in the 1970's. The Pratt Whitney facility and Sikorsky Helicopter plant is only a couple of miles to the west.

Other early residents were people who wanted the peace and quiet of the area and no Condo Commandos or nosey Homeowner Associations. Or they wanted to stable and ride horses.

At its westernmost point, Jupiter Farms is still only about 20 minutes from the beach and unlike Palm Beach Country Estates, has a western exit to Seminole Pratt Whitney Road which runs south to Loxahatchee and north into Martin County and further west is the Beeline Highway, (710) which connects West Palm Beach with Indiantown and Okeechobee. It is also the only place in Palm Beach County where there are exits for both the Florida Turnpike and I-95 and they are side by side.

When I moved to the Farms 12 years ago, people considered it "way out west". Then, Toll Brothers built the Jupiter Country Club and Riverbend Park opened and suddenly people began to notice how great the Farms is and realized it is not so far out after all.  In fact, in March 2012 the median price of homes for sale in the Farms is $450,000 which is much higher than in town.

Now, as sustainability gains favor, people are finding that in Jupiter Farms, they can feel a little more secure with some land and try a garden and/or chickens and maybe a pig or two.

When I first got my chickens 5 years ago, I knew of no others in the area. Now, I know of 9 people who keep them, mostly for the eggs. Of course, kids love them. Chickens are great family pets and love to interact with the kids. Our little flock gives up around a dozen eggs per day.

A family garden is also a big hit with the kids. I have a large one where after supplementing the garden with shavings and manure from horses all summer we are growing tomatoes, papayas, mustard greens, collard greens lettuce, eggplant and several kinds of peppers. I've had a garden for several years and have learned that each season has its own ups and downs. A crop that does well one year may not do well the next. I share the plants and crop yield with friends to help them along whether they need plants or food. In addition to the garden, we have key lime, grapefruit, calamondin, Honeybell and Valencia oranges and mangos.

Burt Reynolds is Jupiter's most famous son and had a production facility in Jupiter Farms at one time. The property is now abandoned. His nephew owns Town and Country Feed where we all get our farm supplies. Its a great, old-fashioned building where the smell of wooden floors still permeates the air and during the summer you can always find a cat or two sacked out on the counter unable to move until the cool air of dusk finds them. One interesting thing is the sign always posted as to the availability of certain types of hay. It doesn't mean much to me since I don't have a horse, but I always find it entertaining.

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