Abacoa homes close to Inlet Kayaking

Abacoa is a planned community designed with work, live and play in mind.  It's location, near Donald Ross Road and just a short drive from Indiantown Road, means that the fun we enjoy at the Jupiter beaches is just around the corner.

Yesterday, we were over at the Jupiter Inlet in the shadow of the Lighthouse on a rising tide. As the cool and clear ocean water came in and the breezes blew from the southeast, this couple arrived for a twilight kayak trip in the inlet.
abacoa homes for sale

So off they go.

Kayaking, along with kiteboarding and surf fishing are just a couple of the outdoor sports you can enjoy from  Abacoa.  There are currently 15 communities within Abacoa and DiVosta Homes is building new homes at  Windsor Park.

You can see all Abacoa homes for sale at Coastal Florida Real Estate.  But there are some differences in these neighborhoods you might want to be aware of.  If you need some guidance or are looking for the right agent you can contact me at 561-762-4073 or send me an email.

Jupiter Farms homes & real estate from Richard Sites

Jupiter Farms homes for sale offer something for everyone.  Right now there are 91 homes on the market in the zip code 33478.  This includes Jupiter Farms, Ranch Colony and Jupiter Country Club.

Jupiter Farms real estate

Jupiter Farms homes are typically built on 1.25 acre sites.  Some of the older homes may be woodside but there are plenty of CBS homes and some that are new and have never had residents in them.


Ranch Colony offers 5 different communities each with it's own distinct flavor and personality.  Homes here can run into the millions and the most expensive is currently $ 9.8 million and they can upwards of 20 acres.

Jupiter Country Club by Toll Brothers

Just east of the Farms is the Toll Brothers community of Jupiter Country Club.  Here, new estate homes and coach homes are going up along the Greg Norman designed golf course.

So if you are looking for the right agent to show you what Jupiter Farms has to offer, you can contact me at 561-762-4073 or send me an email.  I have lived here for 12 years and can show you the best locations and values.

IDX for your Admirals Cove home? It's like Bottleneck Pass

In the westerns we all watched as kids, whenever there was a chase, (good guys going after bad guys), the good guys would often yell, "We'll head them off at Bottleneck Pass!".
Apparently, all canyons out west have both large end and a small ends, like a funnel. And much like a roach motel, bad guys go in but they can't get out...except through Bottleneck Pass, the small end of the funnel.

Admirals Cove homes for sale
Captains Way in Admirals Cove

Today's Bottleneck Pass is called IDX, or Internet Data Exchange and here's why it's important.

1. About 85% of buyers start their home buying search on the Internet.
2. You cannot advertise other people's listings in print media without permission. But you can on the Internet through IDX. All agents and companies have IDX set up on their websites and show all the homes offered for sale. This is no different than what Realtor.com or the MLS itself provides, but it looks better.
So, every buyer looking for a home will go through Bottleneck Pass and that's where your presentation comes into play. It doesn't matter if you are selling an estate on Jupiter Island or in Admirals Cove, IDX is the only game in town.

Make sure you choose an agent who will get your home situated perfectly on the Internet to capture the buyers as they come by. This may be the only chance you get to gain their attention.

If you have been trying to sell without success, maybe it would make sense to have a conversation.  I have helped many sellers move forward in their lives, often with just days, by improving their value proposition just  1%.  We can do the same for your house.

You can reach me at 561-762-4073 or send me an email.  If you want to search the MLS yourself, you can see all at Coastal Florida Real Estate.
Admirals Cove homes for sale

Selling? Use your imagination

Jupiter real estate is some of the finest in the world!  We have fabulous weather, gorgeous beaches, county parks, golf course homes, waterfront properties, equestrian properties, ranches...and the list goes on.

Jonathan's Landing homes for sale
Jonathan's Island in Jonathan's Landing, Jupiter
So when putting your Jupiter home on the market, what are you or your agent doing to improve your value proposition?  Anything?  Or is your agent doing what every other agent does.  Use your imagination!

Disney made a vast empire out of his imagination.  In fact the people that design things at his parks are called 'Imagineers".  And often it only takes a 1% improvement in your value proposition to get your house sold.  I know, I've sold plenty of homes when other agents couldn't by making minor changes to the way the property was being perceived.

Have you checked your house online?  If not, hop over to my You Tube Channel and view my thoughts.

Jupiter Country Club
Jupiter Country Club  by Toll Brothers
What adjectives are being used to describe your house?  The same ones everyone else is using?  Things like "spectacular views", "lush landscaping", "a must see" or other tired phrases?  If you can't think up anything new, use a dictionary to find synonyms.

If you have been trying to sell without success, maybe it would make sense to talk.  You could join the list of happy customers I have moved forward in their lives, sometimes in just days.  In IBIS country club, I took over a listing after three other agents could not sell it.  I fixed the one issue keeping it from selling and sold it in 8 days.  Your house could be next.

You can reach me at 561-762-4073 or send me an email.

Jonathan's Landing hosts Showcase Weekend

Jonathan's Landing Golf Club in Jupiter is hosting a Showcase Weekend this Friday through Sunday.  The Club is opening it's doors to prospective members to come enjoy the food, golf and fitness facilities.  After tasting the Jonathan's Landing lifestyle, the Club hopes to attract members.

Jonathan's Landing Realty

One of the things that makes Jonathan's Landing unique is the non-mandatory membership status.  If you move into a club community like Admirals Cove, Mirasol or Frenchman's Creek, club membership is mandatory to the tune of around $ 150,000.  And non-resident membership is not an option.

JL offers a non-resident membership and the option of joining the club at your leisure not as the club dictates.

Casseekey Island

Jonathan's Landing Realty is the exclusive, on-site office for the community of over 1,200 homes and represents both buyers and sellers.  Right now there are about 77 homes on the market with nearly half of those being waterfront properties with prices starting in the mid-$200's.

Jonathan's Landing

If you are interested in Jonathan's Landing real estate, you can contact me in the clubhouse office at 561-762-4073.  Or use email at richard @coastalflrealestate.com or if you want to search the MLS for a home yourself you can use the fastest search tool available at Coastal Florida Real Estate.

The secret to getting "the big check"

When selling a home, people often think that asking a high price, with the caveat "we can always come down later" is the best ticket to the 'big check" at the closing table.  Well, it ain't!  For two reasons.

First, there are buyers actively looking for homes in your price range right now.  This minute.  On computers all across the country.  Others are going out tomorrow in this area, with agents, to look at homes in your price range.  If you house is priced correctly, they will come see it.  They know what your home should be priced at since they are paying for it.  Find them and you can sell.

And it can be statistically proven that reducing the price of your house over time will mean to have to take a lower price than you would if initially priced correctly.

Second, nobody ever considers the hidden cost of carrying a home.  Add it up yourself:
First mortgage, second mortgage, contractors, maintenance, insurance, etc. and you will see that keeping your house on the market month after month is eroding any extra profit you hope to make.

Need help selling? I have helped plenty of people sell and move on with their lives, big check in hand.  You can reach me at 561-762-4073 or richard@coastalflrealestate.com.  Or Coastal Florida Real Estate.

Should you use an agent for new construction? It might cost you not to!

New construction is still alive in Jupiter and the surrounding areas.  You can find new homes for sale at Jupiter Country Club, Rialto, Frenchman's Harbor and Windsor Park.

The question people often ask is whether they should use an agent when buying new construction.  The truth is you will never pay more by using an agent but it might cost you a bundle.

If you are considering a new Jupiter home for sale, let me show you the best deals.  You can reach me at 561-762-4073 or by email at richard@coastalflrealestate.  If you want to see the homes currently on the market, visit Coastal Florida Real Estate.
Richard Sites

Jonathan's Landing Realty, only on-site agents

Jonathan's Landing real estate is comprised on over 1,200 condos, townhouses and single family homes. However, there is only one exclusive, on-site company.

That is Jonathan's Landing Realty managed by The Keyes Company.


If you are considering Jonathan's Landing homes for sale, contact Richard Sites at 561-762-4073 or visit me in the clubhouse office. You can also view real estate for sale in Jonathan's Landing at Coastal Florida Real Estate.

Richard Sites, Jonathan's Landing Realty

How to fire your real estate agent, nicely.

OK, you made a choice of Realtor.  But now, for whatever reason, things are not working out.  So what should you do?

Treat them exactly as you would like to be treated.  Here are my thoughts:


If you are looking for the right agent, you can reach me at 561-762-4073 or by email at richard@coastalflrealestate.com. Want to search for a home yourself? Try visiting Coastal Florida Real Estate. All the data is there in real time.

Jupiter's only club with 3 golf courses gets ready for Saturday action

Jonathan's Landing is a unique Jupiter club because it offers 3 golf courses. One is located in town and the other two about 10 minutes west in Old Trail.

November is here and the weather is beautiful! I shot this short video from the 2nd floor of the main clubhouse in JL, where our office is located on Saturday as golfers were heading out.


Jonathan's Landing Realty is the only on-site office and represents both buyers and sellers. You can reach me in the office on my phone at 561-762-4073 or by email at richard@coastalflrealestate.com. If you want to search Jonthan's Landing homes for sale yourself, you can visit Coastal Florida Real Estate.

Jonathan's Landing Realtors

Jupiter Farms and other communities explained by Richard Sites

Sure Jupiter is a coastal town famous for it's beaches and parks. But there is another side to it. That is, Jupiter Farms and our other western communities.

Here, I explain them for you.


So when looking at Jupiter Farms homes for sale, be sure to use a resident Realtor. If you are trying to find the right agent, you can reach me at 561-762-4073. I have lived in the Farms for 12 years and can show you the best values and locations. Or, you can search Jupiter Farms real estate on Coastal Florida Real Estate where I have set up quick links to help you find a home quickly.
Richard Sites

Waterfront properties, Jonathan's Landing is your best choice

As your exclusive, on-site agent for Jonathan's Landing Realty, I keep a close eye on the market here.  One thing that make JL unique among clubs is the variety of waterfront properties that are for sale.

Jonathan's Landing Realty

As of Nov. 2, there are 36 waterfront listings including condos, townhouses, single family homes and estates.  But the remarkable thing is the price range.  The prices start in the mid-$200's and go to over $ 4 million.

To see all Jonathan's Landing homes for sale contact me, Richard Sites, at 561-762-4073 or visit me in the main clubhouse office on Saturday mornings.  If you prefer email, send a short one by using this link.
Richard Sites, Jonathan's Landing Realty