Did you think I was kidding about parasites?

I just posted my comments on class action suits, then went over to the blog to make sure the post was correct.  In the AdSense column on the right was a link to join the Mattel Toy Company class action suit.   The text reads:  You May Be Entitled To Join The Class Action Lawsuit Against Mattel

See for yourself:  https://www.mattelsettlement.com/prod/?gclid=CNycgJa91p8CFQhinAod228d1A&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

Justice for the injured is a laughably funny phrase.  Here's the text from one of the other ads:

Injured? How Much Is Owed To You? Get Paid Fast? Free Legal Review

There is no such thing as an accident anymore.  If you don't like what happened to you today...sue somebody!  Have you seen the TV ad for   WhoCanISue.com??