Jupiter Farms, Backyard chickens: Araucana vs. Sex-link

Several years ago, I sold a house here in Jupiter Farms.  And although I found a home for their horse, and the children's swingset, and a black rabbit, I couldn't find a home for the chickens.  Since they had a nice coop, all the feed and cans to keep it in and a few birds I said if they could deliver it all I would take over.  That's how I got into the backyard chicken business.  My dog, Buddy thought the birds were great to chase and I had to work to convince him that chasing the birds was off limits.  During the 5 years I have had birds, I have learned a lot about them (although not as much as my friend Dave because he likes to read the fine print more than I do) and since I have had lots of birds have learned many different varieties.

The bird is the foreground is an Araucana.  The black one is a Sex Link.
The Araucana was given to me and lays eggs like the one below.

The black bird is our newest.

She will share the cat's food with them and lays eggs like the one below.

Side by side the eggs look like this.

Having backyard chickens is a great deal of fun and so is the variety in the eggs.  Each bird lays a slightly different one and they are all recognizable.  I used to have 3 Leghorns that laid big, white eggs.  After having your own eggs, it's hard to eat the commercial eggs that come from the chicken mills.

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