Jupiter Farms: Here's one of the things that makes it a community

I have posted before on the arrival many years ago of Publix to Jupiter Farms.  In the unlikely event you missed it, click this Jupiter Farms Publix.  Anyway, Publix is now the spot where you see everybody.  But one of the nice things about going to Publix is the Lost & Found or Free community bulletin boards they have posted.
There are always a lot of pictures of family pets that people are really missing.  I wonder where they all go.
When I go shopping, I always check the board.  Who knows what might be up there.  One time I found a guy moving away who wanted to get rid of some chickens.  Those birds are still living at my house.

I like the idea of a community bulletin board.  There are 2 free standing ones in the shopping center that I heard the county Code Enforcement people were going to make them remove.  That figures.  Code Enforcement are the same ones that took my real estate signs from the highway and wouldn't give them back.  I called and told them I would come pick them up since they do cost money, to which I got a snooty "You can't, we take them to the Solid Waste Authority".  That is typical government.  Somebody smarter than me said something like, That which governs least governs best.

But, there is government everywhere and its spreading but Jupiter Farms is still a great place to live.  You can follow what's going on here via this blog, or by You Tube channel which is"