Philodendron "Speciosum" adds tropical beauty to Jupiter Farms

Homes in Jupiter Farms are blessed to have plenty of land to grow some of our great tropical plants.  The philodendron family includes some large species and one of the largest is P. Speciosum.  This "self heading" variety is usually found growing on the ground (as in the pictures) but if encouraged or allowed will attach to a host tree and climb up the trunk.

In sub-tropical, South Florida these leaves can get to 6 ft. in length and are gorgeous.  I think they are very more attactive than their more well-known cousin the P. Selloum.  Selloum is widely overused by landscapers when these other varieties are available.  But the tissue culture growers decide what they will grow for common use so landscapers have to choose from what is available.  Jupiter Farms real estate is the perfect spot to try out some of these big beauties since they need space to really show off their leaves.

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