Jupiter Farms, sword ferns used for beds

Homes in Jupiter Farms are blessed with enough room to grow tropical plants.  I mean, what is the point of living in sub-tropical South Florida if you can't enjoy the plants that can and will grow here?  But in many cases, you need space around your house.  And space is something that is lacking in our zero lot line neighborhoods.

I have lived in Jupiter Farms for 11 years and brought my knowledge of and love for tropical plants here to my 1.5 acres.  In addition to many citrus trees, I have many tropical plants like bromeliads and staghorn ferns.  One plant I have used to make big beds is the Fishtail Fern.

These ferns are members of the Nephrolepis family of ferns, the best known of which is the Boston Fern.  The hanging Boston Fern has been a staple of indoor plants since Victorian times.  But in Florida, they can be used in the yard.  This variety, the Fishtail, is a larger, more robust variety.  In Miami, these plants can grow to 5-6 feet.  The trouble is that most landscaper maintenance companies don't know how to maintain them properly.  They trim there into square blocks.

If they are used in a place with room for them to spread, all they need is to be contained.  If they get damaged by the cold they should be cut to the ground so they can sprout back. 

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