Jupiter homes can get real tropical, real fast with pothos

Homes in Jupiter can add a quick tropical look by adding pothos to the trees.   Here's an example of what it looks like when attached to a pine tree.

This shot was taken in my yard in Jupiter Farms.  Pothos is not the Latin name for this plant but rather it is the common name.  It is part of a large family of tropical climbing plants whose best known member is the Philodendron.  Most of the members of this family are native to Central and South America however, pothos comes from the South Pacific.

The leaves remain small until the plants attaches itself to a host and begins to climb.  Once this happens, hormones are released that trigger the increase in leaf size.   The plant comes in plain green or a variegated form with yellow variegation.  When viewed with the sun on the leaves, they are very dramatic.

So how do you get pothos started growing on your trees?  Well, like most vines it will grow quickly from cuttings and so if you live in South Florida you may see some cut off trees and waiting to be picked up with the trash.  This is where I got mine. Otherwise, you can buy a hanging basket or totem at any store or nursery and just plant at the base of any tree.  The pothos will take over from here.  You don't need to do anything except give it water when it first goes in the ground.  It is a tough plant and tolerates nearly anything.
In one growing season it can add a lush, tropical feel to your home.

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