iPad beats iPhone on the blog

I have been writing this blog for a couple of years and when taking a look behind the scenes, I'm always surprised at what Google stats say about it.  For example, when Tiger Woods crashed his car, a post I had on Tiger received over 4,000 visits that day.  And I didn't even write about the crash.

Last year, I did a post on Rickie Fowler, the PGA Tour player, and that post has been viewed over 5,000 times.  And the total visits to this blog are approaching 30,000.  My other popular blog has received nearly 100,000 visits.

Well, you know Google analytics is watching your every move on the web.  So one of the statistics they provide is what sources visitors come from when visiting this blog.  I was surprised today to see that 17% of the visitors come from iPads which is much more than the iPhone at a lowly 4%.

This really surprises me since the iPhone has been around so much longer and there are so many other tablets out there right now.  I guess that's the point of studying the data.  As they say, the numbers don't lie.

Richard Sites, Realtor
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