Ban the banners in Palm Beach County

Okay, this blog is supposed to be about our great lifestyle here.  I know, and we really do have the best of all worlds.  But, I sometimes wonder where local governments dredge up the crabby, crumbmudgeons in the Code Enforcement  or Zoning offices.  Why?

Well, you know what feather banners are right?  Here's an example:

And they are pretty popular right now.  A little color and motion to attract the eye as you drive by.  What's wrong with that?  Well apparently, something since a local government is now drafting legislation to restrict their use.  Would someone please explain this to me?  There must be some crabby people riding around in gov't cars just looking for things to regulate or prohibit.  Don't they have enough to do?  Or maybe they just have a knot in their knickers.  How could they be so crabby?

To get around all this, merchants have a live person hold a sign beside the road and their antics and gyrations attract the attention of passers-by.  Why aren't they prohibited?  Well, I asked Zoning.  Because they are not a fixed sign so no rules apply.  Next thing you will need a permit, a license and have to have your feather banners inspected.  It's like the rule that says if you live in Jupiter Farms and want to build a fence you will need a $125 permit....only if you live on a corner.  If you live one house in you don't.  Go figure.

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Richard Sites, Realtor