Allamanda, Thanksgiving blooms for Jupiter homes

Homes in Jupiter can add nearly year round color by adding the flowering Allamanda to the landscape.  This tropical climbing shrub thrives easily in our climate but is not given it's rightful place in the landscape since few know where to locate it or how to trim it.  Remember, it is a climbing shrub, not a vine. 

This plant above is growing on my front fence in Jupiter Farms.  So what is the difference between a vine and a climbing shrub?  Vines have tendrils  (little fingers) that grab and hold on.  Climbing shrubs simply need support, like my fence, to hold them up as they grow.  Another popular climbing shrub is the bougainvillea.  Climbing plants live in the tropics where they snake their way up through the trees and lie on the upper canopies of trees.

Allamanda is also a great choice since it is pest free, requires no fertilization or irrigation and is very cold hardy.  It will even grow back if the cold weather kills it all the way to the ground.  Homes for sale in Jupiter can add a dash of color quickly by installing an allamanda and flowering plants are one of the easiest ways to spruce up your house for the market.

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Richard Sites, Realtor