Cyber Monday: Can you adopt this idea to get your house sold?

Cyber Monday?  What does this have to do with selling a home?  Well, the idea behind Cyber Monday was started in 2005 when it was reported that 77% of online retailers noticed an increase in their sales on the Monday following Black Friday.

Now, I have posted before that the key to presenting your home for sale lies in it's Internet presence, not print media.  If you have seen the dazzling pictures on today's tablets like an iPad or Galaxy 10.1 or HD laptop screens, you have to believe that a small 1" X 1", black and white picture of your house taken from the street is not going to capture a buyer's imagination.  So if you are trying to sell, face the fact that you are courting the Internet buyer.

People simply want to "let their fingers do the walking" over the Web, not in print.

So what does this mean to you?  If you are selling, go online and look at your house.  Not sure how to find it?  Contact me at for some tips on how and where to find your home.  Once, when I was taking over a listing that had not sold, the sellers were shocked to find that the agent had posted pictures of their pet turkey online.  True story!  We left the price where it was but changed their Internet presence and had an offer of 94% of the listing price in 3 weeks.

In addition to a Virtual Tour or video, make sure the pictures are good, high quality pictures.  Here is what you don't want your house to look like online:

So if you are selling your home, take a hint from online retailers.  After all, they are spending a fortune to find out what customers want and are happy to share it with you...if you know what to look for.   Having trouble selling your house?  Contact me, Richard Sites, at or on Skype at rsites.  Of course you can text or call me at 561-762-4073.  We can get your home sold quickly and smoothly.  Want to search for a house yourself?  Use

Richard Sites, Realtor