Jupiter is a great place to grow papayas!

Homes in Jupiter can support many tropical plants even though you don't see many planted here.  We have some flowering shrubs like hibiscus and bougainvillea, but not nearly enough tropical fruit trees.  It's interesting though that people who are selling homes with tropical fruit or citrus trees always make a note of it in the MLS listing.  Hey, I would too.

One of the easiest trees to grow is the papaya.  The papaya is noted for its soft, fleshy fruit, high vitamin & mineral content and enzymes that are great for digestion.  I have many of these trees in my yard.  Like this one.
Papaya in Jupiter Farms

All my trees came from seeds given to me by Cash Cashion, The Swamp Gardener here in Jupiter Farms.  Each year I wage a campaign with the squirrels to see who gets the papayas when they are ripe.  So far this year it's HUMANS 1   SQUIRRELS 1.  But, they did get the only watermelon I have been able to grow.
Here is a close up shot of the fruit on one tree this year.

Papaya fruit in Jupiter Farms

Each year, some of this fruit falls to the ground and so I have small trees coming up all the time.  They transplant very easily so they are easy to relocate to a suitable spot.  So I ask:  Does this look like a great place to live?  YOU BET IT IS!

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Richard Sites, Realtor