Tequesta Cemetary Plots for sale on eBay

When I moved here from Miami over 20 years ago, I brought with me some cemetary plots we bought thinking that we would never leave Miami and would be buried there along with all the others in my extended family.  After we settled in Jupiter, we realized we would never be leaving here so we purchased some plots along with my folks in Riverside Memorial Park in Tequesta.  It is the original and largest local cemetary and all the Jupiter & Tequesta pioneers are either buried there or will be buried there.  We sold our Miami plots by advertising in The Miami Herald.

Riverside Memorial Park was originally established by Roy & Patricia Rood, Jupiter pioneers, although they later sold it.  It is located on County Line Road and every year holds a Memorial Day service under it's live oak trees.  The Rood's were also instrumental in founding Jupiter Christian School on land they got from the Pennock family. 

Today, I was surprised to find this eBay email:
(2) Cemetery Plots, Riverside Memorial Park, Tequesta Florida
Pioneer Block # 46 Plot # 7 Spaces # 4& # 5
$3,000.00 Per Plot or Best offer

If you are going to spend the big sleep here in Jupiter, you might want to look into these.  I can't say whether or not they are a good deal or why they are being sold, I just thought it was interesting to see them for sale.

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