Jupiter Farms Backyard Gardening: Papayas

Here is it March 1, and just a little too nippy out for my blood, but the weather is beautiful and I wanted to give an update on the fruit in the yard.

First, I had an abundance of papayas last year, so I had lots of seeds, which sprouted in the garden, and I relocated along my western fence.  The original seeds came from Cash Cashion, The Swamp Gardener.
As they get a little taller, you can tell the males from the females.  This shot below shows the female flower growing up close to the main trunk.

The shot below shows the flowers and a small fruit.

This shot is of a tree I topped last year to force it to branch.  Now instead of a tree where the fruit is too high to pick without a ladder, I have 2 small trunks with fruit I can reach from the ground.

Is Jupiter a great place to live?  You bet it is!

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