Classic Federal Governmental thinking

Hey, this is just a quick note on the Federal Government's thinking...or lack thereof.  As I sat at a traffic light the other day, I noticed this scene in the next lane.

OK, I know seatbelts save lives.  No argument from me there.  In fact, you can get a ticket if you are not wearing your seatbelt and the Jupiter Police have a big flashing sign that displays the message:
"Click it or Ticket".

Unless you're sitting in the back of a truck.  So, in the above picture the guy on the passenger side could be in violation of the law by not wearing his seatbelt but the guy riding in the back cannot break the law.  This is classic Federal Gov't thinking.  Hey, I've got a good idea, let's put the Gov't in charge of 17% of the GDP.  That should help.

Sorry about rambling on, just wanted to make a comment.