Gumbo Limbo, shiny new bark for this year

The gumbo limbo has to be one of my favorite trees.  It's native to South Florida so it can take whatever the climate here can dish out.  It drops its leaves once a year and they are small leaves.  But the 2 best things about it are beautiful, dark and shiny bark (picture below) and the fact that it can be started from cuttings of any size.

When we moved to Jupiter Farms from Tequesta 10 years ago, the home we bought had hardly any trees except for the native pines and some queen palms.  My family likes a more tropical look so we added banana trees which grow very quickly and add a tropcial look but we wanted some other trees.

About this same time, lightning hit a very large gumbo limbo in Tequesta and shattered the tree.  When I saw the tree broken up on the ground I spotted the solution to my problem.  Using a pickup, I picked up the biggest branches I could handle, loaded them in the truck and brought them home.

We dug holes and stuck the branches in them, then fashioned wooden braces for them to hold them in place until they rooted.  As I mentioned, these trees will root from any size piece of a tree.  In very short order they sprouted leaves and were on their way.  Once the trees are rooted, they can grow 5 or 6 feet a year especially during the rainy season since they love water.

As they have grown, I have cut other branches and used them to start more trees around the yard.  Over at Dubois Park on the Jupiter Inlet, there are some massive trees.

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